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All Work No Play Is A Critical Role Time Capsule
Critical RoleCritical Role

All Work No Play Is A Critical Role Time Capsule

“He’s a Dungeon Master, Sam. He’s a master, of dungeons.”
“Wow. I don’t know what that means.”

– All Work No Play, Episode 2 (2012)

Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien teamed up recently for Sam’s first foray behind the Dungeon Master’s screen for an amazing Critical Role one-shot. But did you know that’s not the first time the fantastic friends have joined forces to delight and entertain?

All Work No Play is Sam and Liam’s irregularly updated podcast, started in 2012, in which the two talk about life, work, and play, including the time they received an invitation from one Matthew Mercer to play Dungeons & Dragons.

The two besties start talking about Dungeons & Dragons and their experience with the game (or, in Sam’s case, the lack thereof) in the second episode of All Work No Play. Beginning around the 35 minute mark, you can listen to the two chat about character creation with some famous-last-words gems like these:

“Normally you have a campaign, Sam, and what that means is it’s ongoing. It’s like Charles Dickens, it’s a serial drama, you get together regularly.”

“Really? People do this?”

Liam and Sam

As Liam explains the game to the slightly frightened Sam, you’ll hear the very first glimmer of Scanlan’s creation (“I’m a smooth-talking gnome”) and the two’s impressions of their new party members.

In episode 3 (around the twenty minute mark), Sam and Liam recap their D&D session, and the pair couldn’t gush enough about their session, their party, and their Dungeon Master. “He is so committed to his dungeon mastering,” said Sam. “He is so good. He played seventeen different characters and embodied them physically.”

Listen to that third episode to hear all about their first experience with the group that came to be known as Vox Machina, preserved in a podcast time capsule of sorts thanks to Sam and Liam, complete with audio from the actual game itself.

Tune in to the other episodes of All Work No Play, posted over the space of five years, for more peeks into both the personal and work lives of Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien. Rumor has it the pair even recorded an episode at Sac Anime 2017, so the fun continues from Critical Role past to present.

Catch Sam, Liam, and the rest of Vox Machina every Thursday at 7:00 PM on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel.

All Images: Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel / All Work No Play

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