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Agony Will Be The Most Hellish Video Game Yet

Agony Will Be The Most Hellish Video Game Yet

The videos here contain depictions of an idealized Hell and are NSFW.

Agony was announced in May this year with a few grisly screenshots and some info about it being a first-person survival horror game set in Hell. You’ll play as a tormented soul with amnesia and the ability to possess simple-minded beings you encounter throughout the hellscape as you seek out the Red Goddess and a way to escape.

While we saw a glimpse of the hellishness in the first few images, it’s the trailers and gameplay videos recently released at this years’ Gamescom that have been drenching the Internets with Agony’s gore and shock factor. Before getting to those, and to help ease you into it, here’s the Agony: Intro vid released with the game’s announcement.

Now there’s 2 minutes you’ll never unsee. The video introduces a game that I would expect from indie developer Madmind Studio, a 9-person team manned by some of the game developers who helped create The Division, Witcher 3, Alien Rage, and Godfire: Rise of the Prometheus.

That intro video also told of “the fall” being the last memory you have before landing in Hell. There’s mention of the Red Goddess being the “key to unending agony,” and “the answer.” The answer to what will have to be discovered in game, it seems.

Okay, so if you were able to keep your lunch down after that video, let’s see if you’re ready to handle this next one. It starts with a warning message, which should be included on all these videos. Heed it, and prepare for three minutes of images straight outta your worst nightmares.

Still here? Oh, yeah, sorry, should’ve said to have a barf bag handy. ‘Cause that’s some vividly gruesome stuff right there. The fleshy corridor of teeth is still making my skin crawl.

If you managed to catch the voiceover in that video, there’s more info divulged, especially about the Red Goddess. It may even show her–is she perhaps the female with horns (and blood and screaming)? It seems she’s not to be trusted (duh), that’s she’s always been here, and that she helped to create this place. And that may be her voice at the end, saying “this is who I am, I was born to rule.”

There’s also something about having to “reclaim your sins from the maze of madness.” Or it could be “Maze of Madness”? The narrator adds that there may be a way out (of the maze?) other than going through the Red Goddess. And behind all that, there are flashing images, symbols that may or may not have an in game purpose or meaning.

So, if you made it through watching those videos, then you may be ready for the last one. But be warned: you may not be ready. If you dare, watch with lights off and headphones on. Here’s 6 creepingly slow, horrifyingly detailed minutes of actual gameplay. Enjoy!

The crunching of bones as you walk on them. The gnashing of the corridor of teeth as it tries to chew on you. The labored breathing from your character, obviously terrified beyond measure. The walls made from various body parts. Other tormented souls crying in horror, or seemingly worshiping it. And a demon you are definitely supposed to stay away from. Those are some obvious items in Agony shown here, but there’s more.

No combat was shown, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any. The game is still “hell deep” in development, but it was shown that your character can wave a bone torch around, which could also be used as a fighting action. And there is a distinct stealth component, or reverse-stealth, if you will. Instead of using shadows and darkness to hide in, it seems you hide in the light. At least that’s what it looked like was being used to hide from that particular demon.

This maze looks as if it’ll have hidden areas to discover, mystical puzzles to solve, and items to collect. And it also seems that the maze is 3-dimensional, which will surely make travel a challenge. Did you catch that message written on the wall? “Mother of abomination -?- us all.” And no, I don’t really want to know what that thing is at the end. I’d like to be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

That’s Agony, folks. Since survival horror games are my most favorite, I will definitely be tracking the development of this one. Agony is scheduled for a 2017 release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Madmind Studios have invited you to take a trip into madness with Agony. Will you be accepting? Let us know in the Comments!

Header image credit: Madmind Studio

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