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After Rogue One, 3 Star Wars Spin-Offs Movies We Want

After Rogue One, 3 Star Wars Spin-Offs Movies We Want

Rogue One is a first for the Star Wars franchise, being the only flick not to center on any generations of Skywalker. Well, technically it’s only the first if you ignore those Ewok TV movies, but nobody’s faulting you for that. Still, with Lucasfilm making good on its ambitions for a “Star Wars story” to hit theaters every other year, many moviegoers’ minds may be balking. Just how many potential spin-offs could there be?

Fans of the comics, novels, and video games already know there’s endless story potential in all corners of this galaxy. Countless side tales throughout the decades including some set much further back in the fictional history, some starring villains, and some that don’t even involve the Jedi at all. As Disney considers which plots to pursue after the Han Solo movie, we humbly suggest it consider revisiting some of these Legends.

Crimson Empire

The comic series that truly begged sympathy for devils. Recall those mysterious, menacing, red-hooded Imperial Guardsmen who protect Emperor Palpatine? Turns out they have a whole hierarchy… and some delicious internal squabbling to boot. After a power-hungry member betrays this elite security detail, the greatest guardsman, Kir Kanos, swears vengeance. However, to get what he seeks, even the ruthless servant of a despicable despot like Darth Sidious has to make some unpleasant moral compromises. And for Kanos, that translates to him having to strike up a shaky partnership with none other than the Rebel Alliance.

Anybody who’s ever longed for some Game of Thrones-esque intrigue and moral ambiguity in the Star Wars universe already got their wish. You’re never sure when you can, or if you really should, root for Kanos. This series quite lavishly demonstrates that there’s great complexity dwelling in even the saga’s most obscure background players.

Tales of the Jedi

Before even Knights of the Old Republic, this comic delved deep into Star Wars‘ ancient eras, showing epic clashes from an even longer time ago in this faraway galaxy. Indeed, the anthology freely hops from epoch to epoch, with the various tales separated by centuries, at times. The one character who sticks out most is Ulic Qel-Droma, a Jedi seduced to the Dark Side several millennia before that whole “Chosen One” business. The movies’ incidental lines about the Force needing balance and the Sith being long “extinct” are explored in greater detail than you could ever imagine in his stories.

Here’s a time when whole legions of Sith feud with the Jedi’s armies, and Ulic commands the Mandalorian warriors whom Jango Fett and all the Clonetroopers will eventually descend from. It’s a Star Wars even more like Arthurian legend, with classic tragical twists. Actually excommunicated from the Force for his transgressions at one point, Ulic ultimately seeks repentance as a humbled, weaker warrior in a redemption quest with many more twists than Vader’s last minute faceturn.


Sooner or later, we’ll get a movie entirely about bounty hunters. There’s definitely an appetite for it. LucasArts was developing this game (and even shared some tantalizing footage at conventions) before the studio shuttered in 2013. It was to center on Boba Fett’s travails through Coruscant’s own hive of scum and villainy–the seedy Level 1313.

A few years prior to the game’s cancellation, LucasFilm reportedly commissioned 100 scripts for a live-action TV series, Underworld, that would similarly take place in Star Wars‘s more mercenary corners. Sadly, the show was shelved because it’d be too expensive to produce. We don’t know the particulars of either projects’ plot, of course, but if the reported Boba Fett solo movie ever materializes, let’s hope it’ll crib from these unrealized epics. A feature film starring hitherto-unrevealed mercs would be just as interesting, too. We simply want the spotlight to shine squarely on the bounty huntin’ dregs for once, all right?

What other non-Skywalker Star Wars stories are rich material to mine for a future movie? Share your favorites in the talkback.

Image Credits: LucasFilm

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