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A Season Premiere of Ice and Fire

A Season Premiere of Ice and Fire

If you are anything like my friends and I, you are probably super excited for Game of Thrones to return April 24th for an epic season six. We’re so excited in fact, that we’re already prepping our Game of Thrones themed party fit for the seven kingdoms and beyond (but hopefully with 100% less murder). Here are some tips on how to throw season premiere shindig!

Wedding scene from A Game of Thrones on HBO.

For starters, while you can simply listen to the Game of Thrones soundtrack, there are dozens of other fantasy mixes to get your juices flowing. Literally type into the search “Fantasy Soundtracks” for hours and hours of everything from Dragon Age to Lord of the Rings.

Considering your potential guests are already quite nerdy, and in some cases cosplayers, you only have to hint at dressing up for the event. Need some help throwing together a costume? Try choosing your favorite house, they usually have a color scheme you can work with; be it the red and gold of Lannister, the mustard yellows of the Martells, or varying shades of black and some faux fur for the luckiest family of the North.

Sanjay and Rishon Vasandani cosplay as Khal Drogo and Khaleesi.

Now I think the real challenge will be decorating for this event, but if the internet has taught me anything there are lots of fun simple ways we can accomplish this. For starters, candles. Lots and lots of candles. Throw some banners up, which can be fairly easy to find online that you can buy or print out yourself. You can also pillages grandma’s closet for scarves, which you can then drape around the room or tie to things to give it that Game-of-Thrones-y look. Don’t forget the maroon or crimson table cloths, and dim those lights.

The part I think I am most excited for is the food. Now you could go all Medieval Times and serve chicken, seasoned potatoes, garlic bread, and dragon soup (which of course, you eat with your hands); or check out A Feast of Ice and Fire, the official recipe book of the Game of Thrones series. From dinner to desserts, this book has everything and it is all based on the food described in the books as well as seen in the series. Be warned, many of these recipes can be challenging, and are not real vegetarian friendly, so be sure to pick what you plan to make ahead of time. And wine, do not forget to have lots and lots of wine.

Food prepared with the Feast of Ice and Fire book from Quizzle’s Food Ventures blog.

Considering this is going to be an all day affair, organize some activities to enjoy before the season premiere. Lucky, there are games like A Game of Thrones: The Board Game or A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. I would also suggest charades that depict scenes from the series or creating a re-skin of Werewolf or Mafia to represent the politics of the houses. If you want to get real authentic, try playing the official game from the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Cyvasse.

A custom printed Cyvasse game by Dutchmogul.

This is indeed no small task, but it is totally worth it for one of our favorite shows of all time. If you plan to do anything like this please be sure to send us your pictures and any other suggestions you may have.

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