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A Preview Peek of Fantasy Flight Games’ Fallout Board Game

A Preview Peek of Fantasy Flight Games’ Fallout Board Game

With Gen Con just around the corner, tabletop gaming fans can expect more and more teasers and announcements leading up to the big convention. This morning, Fantasy Flight Games teased on their social media with a ubiquitous Fallout image as part of their lead-up to the announcement that they’ll be releasing a Fallout board game in the coming months.

2017-08-08 12_14_12-Fantasy Flight Games _ Facebook


Yes, it’s a Fallout board game.

The game is set across the Fallout franchise universes, where players will be vying for influence across the wasteland (represented as a hex map), allying with factions, finding allies, gathering equipment and leveling up their characters.  First looks of the game seem interesting and presumably, we can expect the same compelling, narrative storytelling and decision-based gameplay synonymous with the publisher’s hallmark games.  As the box also advertises 1-4 players, it’s clear that there is also a solo mode, which is rather fitting for the universe.

In addition, we’ll also be treated to some stunning miniatures, which is a trend we’re seeing more and more in Fantasy Flight published games.

When asked for a statement, a Fantasy Flight representative advised they’ll be releasing more information soon. We’ll continue to update this article as new information about the game is released, so be sure to check back.

Update 8/8/2017 11:44 PT: The official Fallout game page has launched on Fantasy Flight’s website, with details on the game and how it plays. Let’s break it down.

Character Creation

Character creation for the game uses the “S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” system, breaking down attributes into seven categories. zx02_what-makes-you-specialCharacters start with two base attributes, one based on the character type and one drawn randomly. As character gain additional tokens (done through levelling up) they build into their character board. Gaining skills scales up in difficulty due to the XP track moving along beneath already developed attributes. The character board elegantly tracks the progress, as well as additional perks.

zx02_board-layout (1)

Quests & Scenarios

As with many FFG games, the story drives the game. For Fallout, players choose the scenario which determines the map layout, warring factions, and questline of the game.


The warring factions drive the main quest, with player decisions having direct effects: “Throughout the game, players will be given more concrete ways to side with each faction or to benefit from their advancement. Regardless of a player’s alliances or lack thereof, the factions are a constant presence and threaten to outpace the group of survivors at every turn. ”



Additionally, side quests in the game add a level of replayability as the story outcomes change based on players decisions. “Though the major quest of each scenario remains the same, which path the players take will determine which cards they get to see in any given game.”



Vaults are ubiquitous in the Fallout universe, and in-game present an opportunity for players to engage with the communities therein. In some scenarios they’re like side quests/encounter as the vault itself may not be part of the core narrative of the scenario. Each vault has an encounter deck and in engaging with the vault players “will have unique opportunities to become ingrained in the vault’s story, making difficult decisions and reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences of their choices.”

Influence Wins The Day



Ultimately, influence wins the game, though it can be garnered a number of ways. The number of influence points needed to win varies by the number of players, and if two players reach that number at the same time, they both win.

Suffice to say, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on this game.

What videogame universe is one you want to see on your tabletop? Tell us in the comments!

Image Credits: Fantasy Flight Games


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