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A Look Inside The World of ‘We’re Alive: Frontier’ With Creator KC Wayland
We're Alive: FrontierWe're Alive: Frontier

A Look Inside The World of ‘We’re Alive: Frontier’ With Creator KC Wayland

Good stories often make a leap to different media. Star Wars leapt from movies to books. Star Trek leapt from TV to movies, and to our very own RPG show. Now another story told in one medium makes the leap to our family and continues the story using an RPG developed by one of our own.

Our upcoming show We’re Alive: Frontier is set in the same setting as the award-winning We’re Alive podcast. This post-apocalyptic setting features a world where 99.97% of humanity evolved into something…else. The survivors try to keep living life the way they know how in a world that’s completely changed.

We’re Alive started back in 2009,” said KC Wayland, creator of the podcast, “We went live on May 5th and the story begins on May 8th. So it’s really an alternate future from that point. It follows a group of soldiers in downtown LA, trying to survive in the, for lack of a better term, the zombie apocalypse. But they’re not zombies…it’s sort of like an evolution of the species. We are the tadpoles and they are the frogs. At first we thought they were zombies or infected, but they are a whole different classification.”


We’re Alive: Frontier picks up several years later around a new group of survivors coming together with a common purpose; to secure a new rail line after another one fails. The survivors must journey into the frontier and deal with the dangers there. Wayland collaborated on the storyline with Ivan van Norman, who suggested that RPG system Outbreak:Undead would be a new, exciting way to tell this story 17 years after the original podcast timeline began. What really excites Wayland about the show is how it affects the original story.

“As these characters are creating names and worlds,” said Wayland, “they send ripples and waves to other places that are affected. As they are going along I’m taking rigorous notes. If there’s a character who died, that has a ripple that could be negative or positive for them further down the line.”

The Outbreak: Undead rules offer a way to bridge fantasy and reality. The survivors will have to repair equipment, scrounge new items, all the while navigating the interpersonal drama the genre has come to be known for. Wayland, however, sees one major difference.

“What tended to come out through the characters a lot was this element of hope and survival. You see a lot of other survival horror shows like The Walking Dead and it’s very pessimistic. They always see the worst in people and nobody can get along. Whereas our world, we do have the elements of the bad people out there, but there’s enough good to offset it.”

As a writer in the survival horror genre for nearly a decade, we ended our conversation asking Wayland his top three rules for surviving the apocalypse.

  1. Have a good source of food and water. You have to have the energy to go out and get food, but you have to have food to get the energy to survive.
  2. It’s easier to survive as a group than an individual. Your odds are better if there are two humans to one infected then one on one. Every person is a force multiplier.
  3. Protect thyself to protect others. Being injured drags down any group of survivors, so do what you must to keep yourself from getting hurt.

Be sure to check out listen to the entire run of We’re Alive and get ready for the show, leading up to the show’s  Alpha premiere on February 28th. Don’t have an Alpha subscription? You can get a free 30-day trial at

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