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9 Limited Edition Shirt Sites to Help Express Your Nerd Pride (On a Budget)

9 Limited Edition Shirt Sites to Help Express Your Nerd Pride (On a Budget)

There are no shortage of places to get a t-shirt with your favorite pop culture reference on it. But there’s nothing like going to a convention and seeing hundreds of people with the same clever shirt. Luckily, many websites selling unique, limited edition shirts have popped up where you can purchase a one-of-a-kind design for Wal-Mart prices. Check out a few you may not have heard of below.


OtherTees has limited edition pop culture-themed shirts every 48 hours for $11 plus shipping. Plus, the t-shirt artist gets paid $1 per shirt.


RIPT Apparel has limited edition designed T-shirts submitted by artists for $11. They have a great variety of pop culture-related designs available every 36 hours. Plus, they also have coasters, posters and more if you’re really into a particular design.


Qwertee releases new shirts every 24 hours voted on by the community for $12. Artists submit, consumers vote and shirts get made but are only available for 24 hours. Their shirts are high quality, ethically produced and they ship almost anywhere.


TeeVolt is a company founded by graphic designers from Cyprus. Every 5 days they release a new pop culture inspired design. So you can get a clever, professionally designed quality shirt for only $12.

Design by Humans

Design by Humans is a “society of artists, fashion gurus and expressive humans” that not only have a huge variety of t-shirts for sale but organize design competitions and have limited edition shirts every 24 hours for $18. Plus, the very best designs get a limited edition reprint.


The clock is ticking and if you want that exclusive limited edition shirt, you only have 24 hours to grab it from ShirtPunch for $10.  Designs can be submitted by the artists and you can also get a hoodie if you’re so inclined.

Fresh Brewed Tee

Besides having a pretty cool name Fresh Brewed Tee is a family run business filling the gap for tall and big lovers of geeky t-shirts. They offer designs for a limited time so make sure to check back frequently.

The Yetee

Another cleverly named site called The Yetee started off  selling limited edition shirts for $11 each before branching out to books, toys and other items as well. They also have t-shirt design contests and neat collections.

Day of the Shirt

This site collects info on T-Shirt sales from all of the other limited edition sites in one place. They’ll show you designs, pricing and shipping info.

Where do you get your favorite geeky shirts? Let us know below!

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