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7 New Anime Shows We’re Excited About for Summer 2016

7 New Anime Shows We’re Excited About for Summer 2016

Vampire servants. Vengeful gangsters. Cute chrononauts. Under-worldly explorers. Ghost whisperers who run tea houses. A black swordsmen and a psychic who both have bad tendencies to go berserk. These are the stars of some of the new shows that’ll start in July and carry us through the next quarter. There’s enough revenge going around to make it a cruel Summer, certainly, but there’s also enough mirth, humor, and whimsy to make it a delightful season, too. Oh, we’re expecting a whole wheel of emotions, and we’re excited about these seven shows in particular.


91 Days Promo

Just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in. Avilio lived in the mob-ruled “Lawless” city district during prohibition… until a mob war left his family dead. He’s been on the lamb ever since, but a man can only hide for so long. A mysterious letter riles up his old, bad blood and sees him returning to Lawless, where he’ll work his way up the Vanetti crime family for a shot at their boss, Nero. Copious gunplay is an easy bet here.


JPEG - Promo 2

Another bit of off-beat fantasia from ONE, the engimatic mangaka behind last year’s runaway smash, One-Punch Man. You might notice a certain number popping up a lot in his work, as well as a fascination with stats. Here, we follow the anonymous teenager “Mob,” whose psychic powers explode out of him if ever his “emotional capacity” hits 100%. You know, as will happen with hormones. So, imagine if we could track Carrie’s rage in increments. That’s getting warm to this show’s sublime nuttiness.


Time Travel Girl

The past lives! And it can be quite fun, too. Young Mari follows in the venerated footsteps of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan, hopping into the time-stream with an aim to personally meet the greatest inventors who ever lived. Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ben Franklin… they’re all on her list. It’s doubtful that Mari’s collecting consultants for a history project at San Dimas High School’s show and tell, though, so what could be her true angle here?


Servamp Promo

What do you call a vampire servant? Young Mahiru thought he was just picking up a cute rescue, but the cat he saved turned out to be a vampire named “Sleepy Ash” in disguise. What at first seemed like simple pet adoption quickly spirals into complicated vampire war, as Mahiru’s servant draws him into a conflict involving seven other Servamps. Gothic hi-jinks ensue, as they most certainly must.


Enride Promo

Spun off the popular mobile game, and from the mind of Nobuhiro Watsuki, creator of Rurouni Kenshin. This journey to the center of the Earth sees normal young guy Shun becoming fast friends with Emilio, the deposed prince of a subterranean kingdom called Endra. Emilio seeks to reclaim his throne from the fiendish King Delzaine. Think a normal Joe can help out this monarchical mishap? There’s no reason why not, especially when Shun’s got a big, nasty hook-sword in hand.

The Morose Mononokean

The Morose Mononokean

They say hot tea can have very therapeutic effects, but will it help much with demon possession? Well, if the drink’s coming from the Mononokean tea house–and its dour, dandy proprietor–then it just might. Pleasantly riffing on some of the same chords as Mushi-Shi, this show follows a mediator in matters most metaphysical. The titular character helps ghostly “youkai” cross over to life beyond, and the plot gets rolling when he assists a high schooler who’s been sick due to a bad case of youkai attachment.


Berserk Remake

This blade cuts sharper on its second swing as another iconic series joins the “do-over” club Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter and other big shows have been party to. The swordsman Guts escaped a grisly fate when his old mercenary outfit, the Band of the Hawk, was led to slaughter by the power-mad Griffith. Now, Guts wanders the world as the “Black Swordsman,” hunting his old boss and clashing with the fell spirits who’ve been drawn to him since that grisly ritual. Oh, and naturally, a tiny, naked elf sidekick named Puck is tagging along for the wetwork. Because it’s anime.

These are our picks. What new shows are you looking forward to? Share ’em in the talkback. 

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