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7 Beautiful Mulder & Scully Moments We’ve Been Obsessing Over Since 2002

When it comes to iconic TV couples, The X-FilesMulder and Scully appear on almost every list. The fact that they weren’t an actual couple for the majority of the series doesn’t seem to matter much. And when watching the show, even the most skeptical can see the chemistry between the two. Throughout the over 200 episodes and two films, there are a plethora of adorable Scully and Mulder moments, but some stand out as defining points in their complex relationship. Here are a few of the beautiful moments that define why we all love Mulder and Scully so much.

Pilot (1×01)

mulder and scully meet

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The pilot of The X-Files is an important moment for Mulder and Scully. And not just because it’s where it all begins. Creator Chris Carter has said he believes Mulder falls in love with Scully early on. Well, he might’ve just been trying to get fans all riled up but really, first impressions mean a lot.

In the pilot episode, a quick trust must be built between the two. After all, Scully bares it all to Mulder, fearing she has the same welts the victims they’re investigating did. Luckily, it’s just mosquito bites, but this first case solidifies their easy trust in one another as Mulder opens up about his quest to find his sister and his belief in alien abductions.

Memento Mori (4×14)

Really, Scully’s entire cancer storyline throughout Season 4 brings the two agents much closer together. But at the end of this particular episode, Scully tells Mulder that she intends to fight her cancer after they discover many abductees have died from the disease. Mulder reassures Scully that she is capable of saving herself. The typically reserved Scully is vulnerable and leans on Mulder for strength. It’s a side of the bad-ass FBI agent we don’t get to see much of, making the whole scene even more touching.

Post-Modern Prometheus (5×05)


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In perhaps one of the most memorable episodes of The X-Files, Mulder and Scully chase an unknown monster who apparently haunts a town. Ultimately, it’s discovered that he isn’t a monster at all, but just wants to live a happy, peaceful life. This Cher-centric episode ends with a heart-warming performance by a Cher impersonator singing “Walking in Memphis”. Mulder asks Scully to dance and as we watch them sway, the possibility of “happily ever after” for these two seems real–if for only a short moment.

Fight The Future (movie between Seasons 5 & 6)

After Scully decides she’s leaving the x-files, Mulder chases her down to remind her exactly why he needs her. After saying she saved him and “made [him] a whole person,” Mulder admits that he doesn’t want to and quite possibly can’t continue his work without her. This honest admission of reliance ends with a hug and almost kiss between the two. They get closer until a bee stings Scully and you can practically hear fans gasp.

Triangle (6×03)


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During another stand-alone episode, Mulder ends up on a ship in 1939. The how isn’t important. But back in present time, Scully discovers the danger Mulder is in and does everything in her power to help him. Meanwhile, a version of Scully in 1939 also tries to help Mulder return to his world. Just before he manages to get himself back to 1998, Mulder kisses the 1939 Scully “in case they never meet again.” She proceeds to punch him in the face, as you would if a stranger kissed you.

Once he’s back in 1998 and laying in a hospital bed, Mulder tells Scully he loves her. She rolls her eyes and leaves the room–reacting in perfect Scully form. The episode gives us their first “I love you,” but also reminds us that this isn’t some sappy love story either.

Millenium (7×04)

Finally after 7 years, fans got an overly sweet kiss from the pair. The year 2000 brought a lot of conspiracies about what might happen when the clock struck midnight. But Scully and Mulder wrapped up another case and watched the countdown on TV like most of us. When the world didn’t end at midnight, Mulder gave Scully the most PG kiss ever. And as he shrugged afterwards and said “the world didn’t end,” we couldn’t help but think what that meant for the couple. Could they finally be together? The world didn’t end, but it didn’t change much either.

The Truth, Part 1 & 2 (9×19 & 9×20; Series Finale)


Gif Credit: FOX

After Mulder and Scully finally seemed to be on the same page at the end of Season 8, we never really got to see them as a couple. Mulder ran off to protect Scully and William, leaving them unable to contact each other for months. But in the series finale, Scully and Mulder finally seem to have their act together. Although they have to go on the run, they’re together and seem to finally be a couple. And after 9 years, that’s enough for now.

While Scully and Mulder may not ever win an award for perfect couple, the complexity of their relationship made their bond stronger. And with Season 10 of The X-Files, we’re sure to get more beautiful Mulder and Scully moments. After all, when they’re together, they just can’t help it.

What’d we miss? Let us know your favorite Mulder and Scully moment in the comments!

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