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6 Resolutions for Roleplayers in 2017

6 Resolutions for Roleplayers in 2017

It’s time for the new year of gaming. Time once again to set your resolutions for the year. Yes, these are all gaming related. You should have really read the title first, but since you’re already here…

Stop Blaming the Dice

No, your dice don’t hate you. No, they aren’t cursed. Stop being superstitious. Gamers are smart, logical, and often scientifically-minded people except for the time we spend actually gaming, during which we become soothsaying oracles of chance.

I know you think it’s cute or funny, but we’ve all seen and heard it before and it’s getting old. You are not special for thinking you’re unlucky. Resolve to stop deciding which molded plastic objects are the subject of supernatural influence. You can do it.

Write the Right Amount of Backstory

Not too much; not too little. Do your DM and fellow gamers a favor. As someone who’s run a whole lot of LARPs these last two decades, I can’t tell you how often I see either twenty pages of backstory or not even a post-it full of notes. People rarely fall in the middle.

Nobody has time to read your massive treatise. Nobody wants to play with a 2d cardboard cutout of a character. Resolve to find the middle ground and write two paragraphs or so for a new character and email it to your DM. Maybe print out a copy for game night. It’s as simple as that.

Create Subplots with Other Player Characters

Pick another character each game with which to have a side story. It’s a fun way to make sure you’re connecting with the other people at the table and not just filling your role as healer or lock picker or whatever. Plus it’s fun to have side adventures.

Resolve to take a little narrative pressure off the DM and embellish on the story yourself.

Back Independent Publishers

We live in the golden age of 3rd party small publishing. Take advantage. Check out DriveThruRPG and DM’s Guild. Even if you don’t end up using the homebrew materials you find there, you’ll get all kinds of inspiration.

So resolve to pick up a PDF or a print-on-demand of something interesting once every month. It’ll make you feel good to support the community.

Master the Games you Play

Stop relying on the DM/GM to look up every rule for you. Read, study, master. You’ll be a better player and speed up the game.

And who knows, once you master your games, you might want to go ahead and DM yourself next time. Resolve to become a master and the gaming world is your oyster.

No Cell Phones

Just no. Don’t cell and game.

We’ve all been tempted. We’ve all done it. Don’t take calls, don’t text, don’t play puzzles, don’t play music. Seriously, why do people play music? Nobody wants to listen to your music.

Resolve to turn the phone off or on vibrate or whatever works best for you. Your DM and everyone else at the table will thank you, or at least be a little less annoyed with you. And that’s what really matters.

So think about these potential resolutions and if you resolve to improve your gaming life in some way, let us know in the comments.

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