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6 DisneyBound Ideas For Couples

6 DisneyBound Ideas For Couples

What is DisneyBounding? It’s a fashion trend where you wear clothing inspired by your favorite Disney characters! Unlike cosplay, DisneyBounds make use of clothing you would where in everyday situations! By accessorizing and color-blocking, you can create an ensemble that perfectly represents your favorite cartoons. Check out these great DisneyBound outfits inspired by our favorite Disney duos. It’s great to DisneyBound as a couple, because it makes our outfits more recognizable and we get to live out the dream of being the heroes in our favorite Disney movies!

Aladdin and Genie – Aladdin

For The Genie, I wore a ribbed, light blue tank top from Ross, but you can find similar ones right now at Forever 21 here and here! These are two different style tops, in two shades of light blue – but when paired with a darker blue pant, they definitely translate as The Genie! My red belt is, surprisingly, just a stretchy piece of red fabric, but you can find a real red belt at Target. For the final touches, these gold shoes from Journeys are the perfect touch.

For Aladdin, Leo’s beanie is from Forever 21 and his purple shirt is from Target.

Pilot Luke Skywalker and R2D2 – Star Wars

With the recent LucasFilm acquisition, Leo and I have started DisneyBounding as Star Wars characters! There are so many options considering how many different properties Disney owns (Marvel and Muppets,

too!). Orange shorts were the hardest part of this outfit to find. Lucky for you, it’s pretty easy to find odd colors and items on Amazon. I love using Amazon Prime to find difficult colors on a deadline. For a different look, you can also try this skirt from Forever 21. Since Luke is wearing nearly all orange and white, I put a sheer white top over an orange tank top.

Leo found a perfect two-tone t-shirt from Target, and there is still a similar option available in long-sleeve. Alternatively, consider pairing a white zip up hoodie with a blue t-shirt! His blue chucks are from Ross, but can also be found at Journeys.

The Yoda backpack and R2 Mickey ears are on sale at Disney Parks!

Pongo and Perdita – 101 Dalmations

For Dapper Day (a community-run event at Disneyland where you wear vintage attire), Leo and I channeled Pongo and Perdita. My polka dot skirt is very old, but you could switch the look and wear this spotted top from Forever21 OR this dress.

Leo’s polka dot button up was from Express, but is no longer available. Again, I’d recommend Amazon for this difficult item – men’s shirts don’t often have polka dots! His tie and vest are from JCPenny.

And my hair ribbon is actually another piece of ripped fabric – but if you want to be fancy and get a REAL hair accessory, consider this classic bow from American Apparel.

Belle and Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

Sometimes it’s fun to play the villain! Rather than dressing as Belle and the Beast, Leo opted to dress as everyone’s favorite chauvinist – Gaston. I chose a light blue crop top from Target, and you can find similar styles on the Forever21 website here and here. White shorts courtesy of Forever 21 and belt from Target. Both of Leo’s shirts are from H&M.

Marlin and Dory – Finding Nemo

How perfect is this cardigan?! It looks like it was made specifically for a clown-fish themed outfit. It is also still available at Forever 21. My black shorts are also from Forever 21 and my white purse is from Charlotte Russe. Hidden but present, my Nemo necklace! Both of Leo’s t-shirts can be found at H&M and for the final Dory touch, his yellow shoelaces are from Target.

Wall-E and Eve – Wall-E

My dress is from Forever 21 and my purse is from Ross, but you can find blue necklaces and purses at Forever 21.

Leo’s outfit was mostly purchased from Forever 21.

Leo’s blazer:


Striped Scarf:

To complete the Wall- E look are these awesome Steampunk Style goggles (from Harry Potter!).

Show your Disney-side this Valentine’s Day by DisneyBounding some of the most romantic character pairings in animated history! Happy shopping!

Watch Sarah and Leo on their YouTube channels: and

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