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50 Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr. RULES

50 Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr. RULES

Today is the 50th birthday of one of our kings. Robert Downey Jr was born on April 4th, 1965 and since then he’s been filling our lives with pure awesome. Here are 50 reasons why RDJ is simply the best.

1. He’s a musician
2. He’s love Jude Law almost as much as we do.
3. He has great facial hair.
4. He played Charlie Chaplin…and pulled it off.
5. He loves his wife.
6. He’s both an indie darling and blockbuster movie star.
7. He’s a chameleon.
8. He knows kung fu.
9. He was a part of the SNL cast
10. He was an 80s heartthrob.
11. He overcame his demons to become kickass.
12. He’s a science bro.
13. He loves all Chris’s equally.
14. He loves gingers.
15. He stands up against stupid reporter questions.
16. He has his own production company.
17. He does graphic design.
18. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (nuff said)
19. He’s great with kids
20. He wears glasses.
21. This

22. He’s ripped, yo.
23. No really.
24. He looks like this.
25. At 50. Ugh.
26. This photo.
27. He loves Chris Evans more than we do (huge accomplishment)
28. He was in an Elton John music video.

29. He has a production company with his wife.
30. He’s an Oscar nominated actor.
31. He can tap dance.
32. Has anyone thought about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and that’s it’s basically Batman and Iron Man in the SAME MOVIE?
33. He’s also in that one movie with Tobey Maguire.
35. He’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood.
36. And he’s not a jerk about it.
37. Did we mention he sings?
38. Well he does.

39. Yeah that was him with Sting.
40. He’s just so cool.
41. And funny.
42. And smart.
43. And talented.
44. And humble.
45. But sometimes not so humble.
46. But we’re ok with that.
47. His Twitter bio
48. Did you know he follows us on Twitter?! (Well he used to…)
49. He’s Tony Stark.
50. He’s Iron Man.

Thanks for being born and stuff.

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