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5 Villains We Want in the New Spider-Man

5 Villains We Want in the New Spider-Man

Now that Spidey is set for a brand new story and thrilling new adventure filled with plenty of new faces, the biggest question is: who is he going to fight first? At this point, we’ve seen the Green Goblin three times already, so unless Sony and Marvel really want to go down that road for a fourth time, let us count him out for now. The villains that our new hero needs must provide a challenge as well as a compelling story. We went through the pages of some of our favorite Spider-Man comics to give you a breakdown of some of the best, yet-unseen villains that should be in the next installment.


Image Credit: Nicolas Chapuis/deviantArt


Adrian Toomes is considered one of Spider-Man’s most notorious adversaries. His background as a skilled engineer led to him creating a powerful set of wings which he used to wreak havoc over the city of New York. A frail, bald headed, evil old man; the enhanced power that the wings endowed him with made Adrian Toomes a much stronger foe than Spider-Man had anticipated. If Marvel and Sony want to bring Vulture to the big screen, he certainly fits the “practical villain” mold.

In many ways, Vulture is a very plausible villain in real life. As we’ve seen with Falcon’s introduction in Captain America: Winter Soldier, audiences are willing to believe that such a powerful invention could exist in the real world. However, that might also be the reason why Vulture wouldn’t make his way to the screen. Audiences might not want another winged character so soon after being introduced to Falcon. But Toomes’ evil side is really what makes him stand out among the other villain contenders. His hatred for Spider-Man extends so far into the Marvel catalogs that it would be a shame to never see Vulture get his due. If Sam Raimi had been able to give us the Spider-Man 4 that he had been planning, rumor has it we would have seen John Malkovich in the role of Adrian Toomes. But might we make one other suggestion? Patrick Stewart, perhaps?


Image Credit: Ryan Christopher Lord/deviantArt


Mac Gargan, a.k.a. the Scorpion, often gets overlooked, but he’s an iconic villain who would definitely put up a strong fight for the webhead. Depending on the direction Marvel and Sony want to take him, there’s two versions of the character we have in mind. There’s the classic version, where Mac Gargan comes to find the powerful Scorpion suit in his possession through some dangerous lab testing. The mechanical suit has an extremely powerful tail that allows Mac to slam and pulverize anything in his path — not to mention giving him abilities similar to Spider-Man’s wall crawling. The other version we could possibly see, is one where Mac Gargan’s DNA is actually fused with a scorpion’s, similar to the reaction that Peter Parker has to the spider bite. This would endow Scorpion with some pretty nasty powers, like strength, venom, and that wily tail. No matter which version we get, Scorpion is a formidable foe, and one that most fans are going to recognize. He’s not the greatest Spider-Man villain, but he’d make for an excellent first-time challenge for Tom Holland. Our suggestion for casting choice: Joel Edgerton.


Image Credit: Korotitskiy Igor/deviantArt


Here’s possibly one of the most intriguing villains on our list. The Chameleon could really make things interesting for Spider-Man — especially a young Spidey who hasn’t had much experience with supervillains yet. His ability to look and sound like anyone he sets eyes on makes him a true chameleon of sorts. Dmitri Smerdyakov is a skilled impersonator and con man who can blend in with a crowd as easily as Spidey can sling webs. By including Chameleon, Marvel and Sony would be giving the movie a thriller vibe, and would leave the audience guessing at every turn. The Chameleon could be anybody, and Peter would really have to rely on his spider-sense to help him weed out the potential threats. We haven’t had a Spider-Man film that really delved into that category of suspense yet, and it could work rather nicely in the end. Our fantasy casting for Chameleon: Jason Statham.


Image Credit: Kiley Beecher/deviantArt


Visually, Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, would bring the brand new Spider-Man film into a whole new world of possibilities. With a background in film effects, Mysterio has the ability to manipulate reality through mind tricks and visual distortion. This would give Peter Parker many new and difficult challenges as he tries to stop Mysterio. The question is whether audiences would buy it. The psychological nature of Mysterio’s torture and games is really creepy when you think about it, and if Marvel is trying to keep this new Spider-Man kid friendly, they may be hesitant to give Mysterio a shot in this first film.

Mysterio would work best with another villain in the mix — perhaps even one of the others on this list. But one thing is for certain, this villain would give Tom Holland’s Spider-Man a challenge unlike any other adversary is capable of producing. Spider-Man’s willpower and judgment would almost be as important as his fighting skills and agility. Who should play Mysterio? Sure, he’s already played a comic book villain, but what about Kevin Spacey? His creepy portrayal as Frank Underwood on House of Cards could easily transition into the realm of Spider-Man.


Image Credit: Guile/deviantArt

Kraven the Hunter

Here’s the easiest no-brainer on the list. Most fans have been begging for Kraven the Hunter to make his big screen appearance for a while now, and it would seem like this reboot would be the perfect opportunity for Marvel and Sony to give the hunter his due. It works for an intro-level Spider-Man story. Kraven has no superpowers, he’s just an extremely talented hunter who decides, after losing interest in hunting beast and animals in Earth, that Spider-Man is his ultimate challenge. His wicked drive and thirst for victory make him one of the most powerful villains that Spider-Man has ever faced. If we were to get a Kraven the Hunter story, we suggest taking a page out of “Kraven’s Last Hunt”, the quintessential Kraven the Hunter story in Spider-Man’s history. Starting Spider-Man off against a villain without powers is a wise choice, because starting him off against a stronger, more powerful foe might cut out any possibility of bringing Kraven in at a later point. We’d love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the role of Kraven.


After all is said and done, Marvel and Sony have a huge list of villains to choose from in their plans for Spider-Man’s film future. Odds are we’ll eventually get to see their new versions of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, and Venom. As fans of the comics, we really want to see a new face to take on Spidey. Have any suggestions for who you’d like to see Tom Holland take on in the next Spider-Man film? Let us know who you’re hoping for!


Featured Image Credit: Adam Withers/deviantArt


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