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5 Video Games We’re Looking Forward to After E3 2018
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5 Video Games We’re Looking Forward to After E3 2018

Each week on Twitch and Alpha, hosts Erika Ishii and Trisha Hershberger talk video games with special industry guests, insightful coverage and a ton of audience interaction on our show Game Engine. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday starting at 4 PM PT to learn about what’s new and cool in the world of video games.

Erika is back from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and it looks like she had a blast. It’s no surprise! A ton of new and exciting titles were announced at this year’s convention. The lineup of new games not only has some titles we’ve been waiting literal years for, but the industry took a combined stance for progress with a host of games featuring more diversity and representation than ever before!

Last of Us Part 2


Last week we geeked out over the trailers that were released for Last Of Us 2, but at E3, Sony dropped a new one that had us cheering. In the last game, we played as Joel as he protected Ellie while crossing a fungus-zombie laden wasteland. Last of Us 2 is turning things around. Not only will Ellie be taking the lead in this game, but she’s also bringing us a little LGBTQ representation.

The E3 trailer shows Ellie attending a community dance where she catches the eye of her friend Dina and after, a few moments of nervous banter and an upsetting flashback, the two women share a kiss. Naughty Dog took care to make this moment feel real and refreshingly honest and now we cannot wait to see how this budding romance works out (all amidst Ellie’s killing rampage of course).

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

We’ve been waiting our entire lives for a Pokémon game where you can throw an actual Pokéball. In Pokemon Let’s Go, 2 players can adventure together around the Kanto region using their Joy-Cons or the upcoming Poké Ball Plus controller. The game will also have a way to connect with your Pokémon GO app; making all that time we spent catching Magicarps in Pokémon GO actually worth it. 


Remedy Games’ Control looks amazing! In it, you play Jesse Faden; a woman with supernatural and telekinetic abilities and the new Director of the Bureau of Control. You’ll take Jesse fights against the reality-bending organization called Hiss (I automatically assume it is run by Cobra Commander). The trailer for the game makes the action game look like something out of Dr. Strange with the environment warping around you and your weapon constantly shifting its shape to your needs.

Cyberpunk 2077


CD Projekt Red are masters of combining compelling stories with stunning visuals. Cyberpunk 2077 is their adaption of the tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020 and puts you into the shoes of the mercenary known as V and lets you fully customize the character from sex, hairstyles, face, body type, body modifications, background, to clothing. As V you’ll be trying to survive and thrive in Night City, California; a dark metropolis where a new drug called “Braindance” can let you experience the emotions, brain processes, and muscle movements of another person (ala the movie Strange Days). This game promises to be a thrilling ride through a dystopian future and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

We Happy Few


Speaking of dystopian societies, We Happy Few sets us in an alternate-reality English city in 1964 where unfortunately the population is addicted to a new hallucinogenic drug called “Joy” which basically erases all of your unhappy-thoughts as well as your morals. Since the drug makes everyone easy to control, those people who decide not to take the drug are considered criminals and are “reintegrated into society” by being force-fed Joy. The main character, Arthur Hastings, is one such individual; having stopped his daily medication and doing his best to escape from the joy-police and the twisted, drug-addled citizens. We Happy Few has been in early access since 2016 and it’s exciting to see it finally getting a full release.

There were a ton of other exciting games announced at E3. Which ones are you chomping at the bit to play? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to tune into Game Engine on Twitch and Alpha for more video game goodness every Tuesday starting at 4PM PT.


Hailing from New York, Jessica Fisher is a writer, artist, and all around geek. In addition to Geek & Sundry, she writes for and produces the Gameosity Reviews Youtube Channel. Find her talking about all things geeky on Twitter as @miniktty.

Image Credits: E3, Sony, Nintendo, Remedy Games, CD Projekt Red , Compulsion Games


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