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5 Titles On Netflix For Sci-Fi (and VAST) Fans

5 Titles On Netflix For Sci-Fi (and VAST) Fans


The universe of Geek & Sundry’s RPG show VAST is, well… vast. From somber and thought-provoking moral dilemmas to the light, campy touch of classic b-movies the story has brought the players to wildly different settings and seen them confronting all sorts of drama. But you can’t watch VAST all the time, so we’ve compiled a list of five sci-fi movies and television shows on Netflix (that aren’t Star Trek) you might like if you’ve been liking VAST.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

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If you thought the mystery of the Slate was cool you might like Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Astrophysicist, author and all around beloved science guy Neil Degrasse Tyson blows your mind repeatedly with the real life astronomical mysteries of the universe. Bonus: also covers super VAST-y stuff like space/time anomalies, traveling at the speed of light and beings that live forever.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

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If you liked the comedic pulpiness of VAST episode 2.6 “The Promise” you might like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Check it out in both in its classic form and the recent (and in our opinion, fantastic) Netflix revival featuring Geek and Sundry’s own Felicia Day! Bonus: it has a guest appearance by Wil Wheaton!

Legends of Tomorrow

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If you liked the time traveling craziness of VAST episode 1.7 “Third Arm Stellar Survival Directory” you might like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. A team of heroes who zip around on a spaceship has adventures while hopping through time, fighting the bad guys and learning to deal with each other. Bonus: VAST’s own Ray Utarnachitt (Nydar the Mind) is a writer on the show!

THE 100


If you liked the concept of civilization finding its way in the wake of an apocalyptic event, like humans after the Slate destroyed Earth, you might like The 100. Danger, discovery, diplomacy, war, a whole civilization with PTSD, the characters of The 100 face down many of the same themes that make Vast what it is. Bonus: VASTwriter Nick Bragg worked as a writers’ assistant on this show before becoming a full-fledged writer for the upcoming fifth season!


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If you like the story of Good Idea trying to make friends with the Slate, you might like The Iron Giant. It’s an animated movie about a little boy who befriends a potentially dangerous giant robot from outer space. Themes of self-determination and friendship abound in this emotional tale that asks whether we are controlled by our pasts or if we can choose our own way. Bonus: The Iron Giant is voiced by Critical Role guest star Vin Diesel!

If anything on this list catches your fancy, we encourage you to check it out. What else is on Netflix right now that you think VAST fans would like watching? Let us know in the comments below!

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