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5 Things You’ll Learn at Wizarding College

5 Things You’ll Learn at Wizarding College

Every day life isn’t always quite as magical as many of us would like, but that’s where preferred methods of escapism step in, giving our minds and hearts a bit of a break. Whether for you that’s reading a book, watching a film, or playing a game, it’s healthy to go a little out of your mind from time to time.

For students of New World Magischola, that escapism comes in the form of  a truly immersive live action roleplay experience. Players get into character, follow their course schedule, and interact with each other to save the wizarding world for a weekend. Magischola teaches it’s participants all about how to LARP respectfully and successfully, while still having a good time. Not unlike what your characters experience in game, growing as young mages into the wizards of the world they were meant to become.

Take Control of Your Own Narrative

Entering into a college created specifically for wizards can be harrowing, even as a wizard yourself. There will be so many plots and narratives to follow you might get a bit lost or confused as to which to attach yourself to, and there’s one simple answer to that predicament. Do what you want. If you’re passionate about the rights of magical creatures, follow your conscience. If you’re interested in a fellow student’s fight against injustice regarding unfair detention activities, then join their protests. Both LARP events and the real-world college experience rely on being true to your character and inclusive of other’s characters all at once. Be yourselves, together, but be sure that you’re the one with control over your own narrative.

Make Alliances with the Right People

Along the lines of being the master of your own fate, put your trust in people who make you stronger, and then turn around and be the same for them. If it’s in your blood (or your character profile) to be nice to everyone, by all means, be a friend to the world. But, be sure to keep those strongest alliances the closest, as they will keep you on your toes and offer up new adventures from your first day of LARP school to your last.

Be Prepared to Stand Up for Your Beliefs

Any storytelling professional will tell you that what makes a good plot is the presence of conflict. In a moment of in-game conflict, you have beliefs and an opinion, so use it. Show the wizarding world what you’re made of by participating and letting your point of view be known.

Self Care is Essential

From the LARP participant to the character they’re portraying, taking proper care of your mind and body is crucial to returning home in the best shape possible. Taking time away from other students, getting a rejuvenating night’s rest, and keeping hydrated will not only ensure that you’ll be physically ready for the day, but mentally as well.

Friendship is the Name of the Game

Whether you’re actually a student or professor at Magischola with magical abilities or you’re simply pretending to be one, the memories that will stick with you as you drift into sleep will be those of the friendships you’ve made. Together, you’ll fight off ill-willed vampires and protest the rights of semi-sapient creatures. You’ll poke fun at the school’s chancellor and complain about difficult exams. These are the people you’ll return home thinking about, anxious to see them again at the start of the next school year.

Lines blur when LARPing at New World Magischola, but for the better. Adventurers leave the school as talented and experienced mages and wizards, and their out-of-characters lives are better for it.

Learn more about the New World Magischola LARP here, and be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the experience in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: Learn Larp, New World Magischola


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