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5 Things You Should Know About Star Wars Battlefront II

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Star Wars Battlefront II took this year’s E3 by storm(trooper) with a slew of game feature announcements and a new multiplayer trailer that left Star Wars fans breathless. It’s obvious that EA and DICE took player feedback to heart when creating the Battlefront sequel, with newly announced features like a robust story mode, characters from all eras that you’ve been dying to take the controls of, and free downloadable content rather than a paid season pass.

And, maybe even more exciting for Critical Role fans, once again you’ll hear a familiar voice over the comlink.

Many Bothans died to bring you the details about what you should know before you hit the pre-order button on the upcoming Star Wars first-person shooter. Okay, no Bothans died, but this is some essential intel.

New Player Classes

Battlefront II adds four new player classes to add more depth to multiplayer gameplay and give you an even more personalized character. Choose from Officer, Assault Trooper, Heavy Trooper, or Specialist to add a new level of gameplay and strategy to your multiplayer matches.

Officer is a support class, Assault Trooper and Heavy Trooper deal the damage, and Specialists play the long-range game. Experiment with each (or every) class to see what makes multiplayer the most fun for you.

Earn Battle Points

Battle points, earned in multiplayer, can be spent on power-ups that give you the opportunity to add a vehicle or hero to the battlefield. You’ll earn points doing what you would normally do in battle, from kills to assisting teammates to completing objectives.

If the randomness of picking up power-ups frustrated you in Battlefront, you’ll appreciate having a choice of exactly which power-ups will be at your destructive disposal with the new Battle Points system.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Visit New Planets

While there was no shortage of iconic locales in the first Battlefront, the sequel adds more new locations from all sagas. Naboo, Starkiller Base, Kamino, Yavin 4, and Kashyyyk are just a few of the planets your adventures in a galaxy far, far away will take you.

You’ll even get an up-close look at Crait, the new planet from The Last Jedi, when the first downloadable content for the game is released this holiday season.

DLC is Free

All downloadable content will be free, a welcome change from the expensive Season Pass offered for the first Star Wars Battlefront. Expansions will add new maps and classic and new Star Wars characters, including Finn and Captain Phasma in the first post-release expansion.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Story Mode

Players of the first Star Wars Battlefront all agreed on one thing: The game needed a single player, offline story mode. Even John Boyega, Finn himself, chimed in with the same request. So it’s no wonder that the new story mode is a major focus of the new and improved Star Wars Battlefront II.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Iden Versio’s story will help fill that in—and it’s canon. You’ll get an inside look at the Empire (and what remains of it after the Emperor is defeated) unlike one you’ll get anywhere else, and you’re sure to see some familiar faces along the way.

How Do You Want to Use the Force?

Sure, we’ve already listed five things to know about the game, but here’s a special bonus just for Critical Role fans. Matthew Mercer was recently spotted filming motion capture for Battlefront II in an unannounced role.

Matt, along with Marisha Ray, was part of the Empire in the first Battlefront, so it will be fascinating to see which side of the Galactic Civil War he’ll take in this installment.

Star Wars Battlefront II will be released on November 17, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Origin). Keep an eye on Game Engine Tuesdays on Twitch for the latest news and exciting previews of the game until you get your hands on it in November.

Which part of Battlefront II are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: EA / DICE

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