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5 Things to Remember Before the Supernatural Season 12 Premiere

5 Things to Remember Before the Supernatural Season 12 Premiere

Supernatural is just about to kick off its twelfth season, and it’s been quite a crazy ride on the road so far. With everything from the apocalypse, demon blood addictions, demons, alternate universes, the apocalypses, and God’s sister in the first twelve seasons; it can be tough to keep stories straight. So here are five quick hits that you need to remember going in to the October 13 premiere. Season 11 spoilers ahead!

But before we get started, here’s the season 12 extended trailer to get you ready to talk all things Supernatural:

1. As far as we know, Billie isn’t wavering on her threat against the Winchesters.

Supernatural -- "Red Meat" -- Image SN1117b_0071.jpg -- Pictured: Lisa Berry as Billie -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Remember Billie the Reaper? She let Sam know how annoyed Reapers were with the Winchester’s dying-and-coming-back bit. Now that Dean killed Death (I mean, we can assume Death is dead–I suppose anyone can come back from beyond the grave, even Death himself), the Reaper community decided they were officially over the Winchester death antics. Billie swore to Sam that the next Winchester who died would not only stay dead, but that they would be hurled into a void somewhere between heaven or hell. That totally can’t be a good thing, right?

2. Lucifer is still out there, and he’s got a new vessel!


Sorry, Mark Pellegrino and Castifer fans. Looks like Luci got himself a new meat-suit this season, and he’ll be coming to us in the form of a washed-up rocker, played by real-life rock star Rick Springfield. It’s unclear what we can expect with Lucifer in rock star form, and it’s also unclear how long Springfield will be portraying Satan himself, but we’re definitely in for a crazy ride this season.

3. The Men of Letters is international.


Abaddon may have wiped out the American branch of the Men of Letters, but it turns out it’s not an American organization. While we don’t know how widespread the organization is, in the season 11 finale, we saw that there is at least a UK chapter. That’s great news, especially since there’s still a hope that Sam can get off the front lines of hunting and pursue a quieter life of research as a full-time Man of Letters. The only bad news is, the Winchesters have caused quite a bit of commotion, what with accidentally releasing Lucifer from his cage, starting the apocalypse, ending the apocalypse early, and releasing the Darkness. Turns out the UK Men of Letters have been watching the Winchesters, and they aren’t happy with what they’ve seen. Speaking of the UK branch…

4. Sam is in trouble.


In the last few moments of the season 11 finale, we saw a woman from the UK Men of Letters shoot Sam. Obviously, he’s fine–he’s been in the season 12 trailers, after all–but he’s definitely in danger (and the only reason Dean isn’t in active danger is because Sam thinks Dean is dead). The Men of Letters see Sam and Dean as a huge threat to the planet–and they aren’t totally wrong, even though they always clean up their messes–and are set to rid the world of the Winchesters. From the looks of the extended trailer, the Men of Letters are seriously hurting Sam. But, there is hope for Sammy. Why? Well…

5. Mary is back!


That’s right, Mary Winchester has been raised from the dead. Amara brought Mary back as a thank you to Dean after reuniting Amara/The Darkness with her brother Chuck/God. While there are going to be some issues like finally finding Mary pair of pants and explaining how John raised their kids to be the one thing she never wanted them to be, it looks like Mary is going to fit in well with the family business. The extended trailer even shows that Mary might have a bit of a thing for the Impala. Can the the deep, abiding love for a car be an inherited trait?

Either way, you know Momma Winchester won’t stand idly by while her son gets the snot kicked out of him by a snooty British bookworm, so I’m sure she’ll be rescuing Sammy pretty early on in the season. The one question is: is Mary going to stick around forever? Or is she going to die and stay dead to keep Billie off her sons’ backs? We’ll have to watch and find out!

What things do you think are most important to remember from season 11? What questions do you have about the new season? Are you excited about Mary’s return? Tell us all your Supernatural thoughts in the comments, and be sure to watch the season premiere on The CW on October 13! 

Image credit: The CW

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