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5 Things to Love About the New Critical Role Campaign
Critical RoleCritical Role

5 Things to Love About the New Critical Role Campaign

Critical Role is Geek & Sundry’s live Dungeons & Dragons show, featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors. Catch them every Thursday night at 7:00 PM PT on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel and on Alpha.

It’s finally here! The new campaign of Critical Role has started and it’s full of promise and adventure already. Our favorite nerdy-ass voice actors are all back with brand new characters, new minis, and a few surprises.

We picked five things to love about the new Dungeons & Dragons campaign helmed by Matthew Mercer. What’s on your list?

Spoilers for the second campaign premiere of Critical Role follow.

New Seating Order on a Gorgeous New Table


A special game calls for a special table, and Wyrmwood Gaming more than delivered. The gorgeous table seats all eight of the grateful Critical Role cast comfortably, with enough room for dice trays, books, the Dungeon Master’s screen, dungeon maps, and more.

The one-of-a-kind table took Wyrmwood over 100 hours to craft. “It’s made out of English brown oak,” Matt said. “The center Critical Role inlay is made of ash burl as the background and rosewood for the d20 outline… It was built by hand in their Massachusetts office.”

Around the table, the cast sits in a new order, shuffling things up for the new campaign and perhaps hinting at character relationships just starting to be formed.

A New Setting: Wildemount

The new campaign kicks off on a different continent than we’re used to seeing in Critical Role. While Vox Machina’s journey took them all over the continent of Tal’Dorei with quick trips to Marquet and Vasselheim, it’s Wildemount where the new adventure begins.

“This continent is divided by both jagged terrain and political powers,” said Matt.

It is the year 835 P.D. (Post-Divergence), and King Bertrand Dwendal rules over the Dwendalian Empire on Wildemount. The story begins in a small, rural town in the southern reaches of the Empire’s Marrow Valley, called Trostenwald.

New cities and new dangers await on this unknown land that will keep both the adventurers and viewers alike on their toes, week after week.

Player Characters Unlike Any We’ve Seen Before


Everyone’s been wondering who is going to make us listen and laugh (and probably cry) for the months to come, and now we have our heroes. The seven players chose offbeat characters with their own quirks, special abilities, and backgrounds yet to be revealed:

  • Liam O’Brien: Caleb Widogast, Human Wizard, and his familiar, Frumpkin
  • Sam Riegel: Nott, Goblin Rogue
  • Laura Bailey: Jester, Tiefling Cleric (Trickery Domain)
  • Marisha Ray: Beauregard, Human Monk
  • Travis Willingham: Fjord, Half-Orc Warlock (Hexblade)
  • Taliesin Jaffe: Mollymauk, Tiefling Blood Hunter
  • Ashley Johnson: Yasha, Aasimar Barbarian

Each character has a new, unique voice that you have to hear for yourself—simple descriptions can’t do the casts’ voice talents justice.

New Minis Painted By a Master


While we’re still learning about these characters, these extraordinary miniatures painted by Ian Phillips of Iron Tusk Miniatures give a detailed look at their features. Beauregard, Fjord, Jester, Mollymauk, Caleb, and Nott (with Yasha’s mini coming soon) are poised to take on anything that gets in their way.

Ian’s myriad of bright colors give the figures an energy and personality all their own, no matter how small they may be.

That Intro Though…

The promo image for the new campaign was incredible as it was, but it doesn’t even compare to the glorious new opening sequence for Critical Role. Have you been watching it on repeat?

Bonus: …And That Musical Cue

Okay, we said five things, but we just have to mention this moment during the first episode of the campaign. As Matthew Mercer set the scene for a circus act, his narration was just as dazzling and mesmerizing as the acrobatics he described for a captive audience.

When a strange creature made its appearance and a haunting voice began to fill the air, Matt’s impeccable timing had the new crew and viewers alike in awe.

It set the stage not just for the action to come, but for the entire campaign, which is sure to wow us every episode.


Featured Image: Geek & Sundry (Photo by Joshua Thomas)

Other Images: Geek & Sundry, Brian W. Foster, and Ian Phillips (Iron Tusk Painting)

Disclosure: the new Wyrmwood table was provided to Geek & Sundry by Wyrmwood Gaming.

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