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5 Surprising Movie & TV Superhero Reveals at Comic Con

5 Surprising Movie & TV Superhero Reveals at Comic Con

Don’t forget that Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and all the other Guardians of Galaxy were considered the obscurest of the obscure at a Comic Con only just a few years ago. Now, a new batch of second-string supers from Marvel and DC are poised to step up into mainstream media. If names like “Ego, the Living Planet” and “Kaecilius” left you scratching your head throughout the bevy of trailers and announcements let loose during SDCC, here are some quick facts to get way ahead of the new pop cultural curve.


Surprise Heroes 1

The star of this new X-Men spin-off is Prof Xavier’s illegitimate and nigh-omnipotent son, David Haller. He suffers from multiple personality disorder and–because he’s such a powerful psychic–each of his personas sports a different mutant ability. Some are even the result of him absorbing other people’s psyches, and the new teaser alludes to that.

It’s unlikely the Xavier family connection will be preserved in this adaptation (they’ve already axed his Eraserhead hairdo), but it’s worth noting that the “Age of Apocalypse” storyline that X-Men Apocalypse loosely adapted was actually instigated by Legion. He once created a hellish alternate reality when he traveled back in time and accidentally killed Prof. X before the X-Men were ever founded.

Ego, the Living Planet

Surprise Heroes 4

In the comics, the identity of Peter “Star-Lord” Quill’s father hasn’t been a mystery. He’s Prince J’son of Spartax. However, James Gunn has expressed a desire to one-up the absurdity of the first Guardians of the Galaxy–what, with its cast of talking trees and gun-toting raccoons–by bringing in a planet with a face. So, comics details are being re-arranged fast and loose, and now Ego is Peter’s pops. Somehow. Kurt Russell’s playing one of Jack Kirby’s kookiest creations: a planet Thor has alternately saved from attacks by Galactus and prevented from devouring other planets. Presumably, he’s gained an ability to assume on human form for this secret conception?


Surprise Heroes 2

We’ve known Mads Mikkelsen is playing the heavy in Doctor Strange for a while, now. Marvel has kept his exact identity a secret, though, letting fans speculate that he might be Nightmare or Dormamu. It’d fit. Those two characters are big names in Strange’s rogues gallery. However, the secret’s been unsealed, and Mikkelsen is actually playing a much more obscure sorcerer.

In the movie, Kaecilius will be an apostate disciple of the Ancient One, encompassing numerous villains to “introduce the idea of [beings from] other dimensions” and to bedevil Strange and Mordo as New York twists like a pretzel. Weirdly enough, Kaecilius is a henchmen of Mordo in the comics, and since movie Mordo is a good guy (for now), it’s clear the movie’s mixing and matching a lot of characters’ ranks and allegiances.

Erik Killmonger

Surprise Heroes 3

Once more, the actual villain isn’t the expected one. Any Marvel Zombie who watched Age of Ultron presumed that Andy Serkis’ Klaw was being being set up as the big bad for Black Panther. Turns out, it’s actually Michael B. Jordan as this highly-trained warrior. Once known as N’Jadaka, he harbors ill feelings for both Klaw and T’Challa, since the former coerced his father into rebelling against Wakanda, and the latter subsequently exiled him from for that failed rebellion. Reinventing himself in New York city, Killmonger has returned to the fictional nation to battle the Panther, and even assumed his identity in another failed coup attempt.


Surprise Heroes 5

The big bad of Arrow Season 5 is a villain who’s never before appeared on screen. An “anti-Batman” who swore to fight the forces of good after his criminal parents were gunned down by police, Prometheus took down the entire Justice League single-handedly during his first storyline. His signature weapon is a tonfa, his base of operations is in the Phantom Zone–which he can freely come into and leave–and his nueral-linked helmet allows him to copy the memories and physical mannerisms of opponents. Judging by the fleeting glimpse in the trailer, though, it seems like TV Prometheus will be a bit different than comics Prometheus.

Which character here was the most shocking to hear about? What Comic Con announcement got you most hyped? Hit the talkback with all your thoughts.

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