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5 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to More Powerpuff Girls

5 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to More Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls are returning to television, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re huge fans of this series not just because Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles are adorable, but because the show is smart, empowering and accessible.

Whether or not you’re a parent of a young geek or not, there’s a number of reasons you should be looking forward to this (hopefully not dark and gritty) reboot.


Lauren Faust wrote for the original Powerpuff Girls series, and later went on to develop and write Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and create the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. Her work is great for kids but also nuanced enough for adults to enjoy. Her sensibility of creating “kids” shows that are accessible to all age groups is one of the reasons why My Little Pony has such a large adult fanbase and we’re hoping to see that trend continue in the new Powerpuff reboot.


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are incredible characters. Blossom is the leader; she has incredible leadership skills and is unapologetically assertive. Buttercup is tough as nails and loves to fight and get things done. Bubbles is sweet, thoughtful, and kind. Despite being all different, they still all come together and save the day, thwarting evil plans and beating up the bad guys.

But they’re not the only incredible female characters. There’s Ms. Keane, the girls’ playschool teacher who also happens to have a brilliant mind for general relativity, accidentally unleashing it to a classroom  of small children.

Another notable regular female character is Ms. Bellum, who is not only the brains in the administration of Townsville (as The Mayor is both as naive and as competent as a small child) but she’s also quite the fighter herself, as seen when taking on Sedusa.

Valuable Lessons

While the girls were kickass, they also had flaws which viewers could find relatable. Throughout the series, the girls worked on managing their flaws and taking time to learn that sometimes, something that’s considered a flaw isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Take Bubbles, the sweet and cute one; she fights bad guys but is so sweet that she’s afraid of the dark and gets written off because she’s not considered hardcore.

In response, she becomes hardcore:

Ultimately she had to learn that she could be her sweet and kind self and still be hardcore–they weren’t mutually exclusive. Similarly, Buttercup had to learn that prioritizing fighting bad guys didn’t mean she should ignore personal hygiene.

These are great lessons for kids too: you can change and grow and still be yourself.


They continually challenge established gender roles. As shown in the new trailer, the notion of established gender roles takes quite a beating from Buttercup’s fists:

Another example is in the episode “Members Only,” where the girls are denied entry to an all-boys hero group, while also highlighting that their sole custodian and single father, Professor Utonium, does all the tasks considered women’s work in the home, like laundry, cooking, and the dishes, along with the breadwinning.


Powerpuff Girls Z


The show was so good that they made an anime based on the US show called Powerpuff Girls Z, which was magnificent. It featured many faces recognizable from the US version including a blonde Ms. Bellum, the Mayor of New Townsville, the Rowdyruff Boys, and Professor Utonium.  The awesomeness of the girls and the storytelling transcends culture and that, in and of itself, tells you a great deal about why this show is one you should be looking forward to.

Are you a Powerpuff Girl fan? Let us know your favourite moments from the show in the comments!


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