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Celebrate Smartly – It’s Ravenclaw Pride Day

Celebrate Smartly – It’s Ravenclaw Pride Day

All you Claws have patiently waited, watching the other House’s get their appreciation day, and wondering when yours would arrive. Guess what? It’s here! Here are 5 reasons to be an illustrious Ravenclaw and celebrate your day!


Most people even slight acquainted with the Potterverse know that Ravenclaws value intelligence, but they might not realize all that this means. Ravenclaws don’t just value people who are smart; they value the learning process. They have a passion for discovering new information, whether through reading new books in the comfort of their homes or exploring the world to find knowledge not yet put in a book. Ravenclaws take pride in their brains, but most will be willing to share their knowledge with anyone who asks!

5365de0798bf980e964178c3e697ad51Image Credit: Ravenclaw Pride

Best Fashion Choices

Some Ravenclaws have complained about the change of house colors between the books and the films. However, Ravenclaws have the most options to show house pride (and the most fashionable).

Image Credit: Madonna

Instead of looking like a bumblee in Hufflepuff or looking garish in the loud colors of Gryffindor, Ravenclaws get to choose either blue and bronze or blue and silver, both amazing color options! Claws have many more options than the other houses to show their house pride, a fact this Slytherin is quite jealous of.

Geeks Are Welcome

If you’re reading G&S, you probably identify as a geek, nerd, dork, or another awesome word I have yet to hear (tell us what it is in the comments)! These awesome groups of people have, historically, not been accepted by mainstream society. Many geeks would be ostracized in other houses, but not in Ravenclaw. Claws value the passion geeks have to learn everything about their interests. This acceptance has only increased in the house post-Luna. If you’re a geek looking for where you belong, the Claws will accept you wholeheartedly!


Famous Claws

Ravenclaws have one of the most star-studded alumni! Ravenclaw was the home of Luna Lovegood, beloved friend of Harry Potter. Luna went on to discover many new species of magical creature, doing her house proud! Other Potterverse famous Claws include Filius Flitwick, our favorite Charms professor, and Garrick Ollivander, arguably the best wandmaker in all of Europe!

Many muggleverse celebrities also identify as Ravenclaws! According to EW’s list, Anna Kendrick, RDJ, Morgan Freeman, and Peter Dinklage all bleed blue and bronze (or silver). Furthermore, Ravenclaw is the house of two of our favorite celebrities! Yes, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton both call themselves Claws with pride. Take that, other houses! (Just kidding, we love all of you!)

Common Room

Ravenclaws have an amazing system to protect their Common Room. Seriously, Gryffindors and Slytherins require a password to get in and Hufflepuffs have a system similar to the entrance for Diagon Alley. These systems are imperfect as anyone with the password or right rhythm can enter these rooms. Ravenclaws, however, require that a riddle be answered to enter their Common Room. This is a better protection system that guarantees only the smartest, most Ravenclaw-ish, will be allowed to enter.

Proud Ravenclaw

Image Credit: HP Stuffs

In fact, Ravenclaws love riddles. To celebrate that fact on this awesome day, here is a Harry Potter-themed riddle for you!


Your Headmaster had me, when he was young and free

Years later, he had me a second time around

You can have just one, but numerous are we

If I am the wrong one, I can end up on the ground

If you ask me if I am small, my response would be “yup”

Be very wary, for I could make you puke

I am so tiny, many of me can fit in just one cup

If you want to find me, you can start at Honeydukes

What am I?

Leave your answer in the comments! Not sure what the answer is or looking for more riddles? Check out TWWN, where we found this Harry Potter riddle and many more! Happy Ravenclaw Pride Day everyone!

Featured Image Credit: Pottermore

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