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5 Reasons Adam West is the Batman We Deserve

5 Reasons Adam West is the Batman We Deserve

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the TV series, Batman that starred Adam West and Burt Ward as the crime-fighting duo, the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. Before Christopher Reeve made us believe a Superman could fly, and way before Michael Keaton and Christian Bale donned the cowl, this cheerful, tongue firmly in cheek show was such a hit with viewers it aired twice a week, on back-to-back nights for two seasons on ABC. On that same Bat time same Bat channel, they were the original American idols. The last season petered out as must shows do, but what a glorious run it was.

As we begin the new year, now is the time to revisit not the dark nights, but a version of Gotham that was sunny, where candy red phones where housed in cake containers. There’s even talk of a Batman 1966 animated movie in the works featuring the voices of West and Ward. For now though, before Ben Affleck debuts his version of Billionaire Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, let’s admit to ourselves that Adam West is the Batman we deserve: Now more than ever.

Even On Those Days When He Just Couldn’t Get Rid of a Bomb…

In fact, we’d say this is a shining of example of why he’s the Batman we deserve. Before tossing a giant bomb into the ocean, he stops short of such an act because he sees a family of ducks. All life is precious, Robin.

A Batman That Will Take That Rain Check, Catwoman.

Whether she was played by Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar or Lee Meriwether; we don’t think we could ever say ‘no’ to any Catwoman.

A Batman That Can Have A Conversation
With Himself. Like a Boss.

Because this.

A Batman That Dances?
We Definitely Deserve That.

Adam West is up for anything as a performer. Like the can’t look away Batusi. Take note Affleck.

Decades Later, He Tells Bart and Lisa
That His Suit is 100% Pure West.

Having a sense of humor about yourself makes you a class act, Mr. West.


This really only scratches the surface though. There’s also, all those moments Batman tutored Robin with daily life lessons, usually, while using a rope to ascend a building. Or how about that episode where the dynamic duo met Bruce Lee and his sidekick, the Green Hornet? Or, all those times Batgirl showed up to show Batman how to properly give a beat down?

What’s your favorite reason to love Adam West’s signature role? Sound off in the comments!


Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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