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5 Moments in “Fantastic Beasts” That Celebrated Hufflepuffs

5 Moments in “Fantastic Beasts” That Celebrated Hufflepuffs

Since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 2011, fans of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world have been aching for new material, and a big screen invitation back into the universe with the announcement of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was just the ticket. Minimal information about Newt Scamander’s adventures with magical creatures had been supplied before the film, via the faux-textbook of the same name and a few comments here and there from Rowling herself, making this return to the wizarding world welcomed on several accounts.

For Hufflepuffs, both the self-sorted and those who took the Pottermore quiz, Fantastic Beasts hits a bit of a soft spot. There are few celebrated ‘puffs in the Harry Potter series, compared to plentiful characters from the other Hogwarts houses, making the likes of Nymphadora Tonks and Cedric Diggory particularly beloved within the Hufflepuff community.

After a single viewing of Fantastic Beasts, it’s obvious that the film was written as a love letter of sorts to the Hufflepuffs of the world that may have felt left out, or ignored over the years. Rowling has even stated herself that she wouldn’t have at all been disappointed in being sorted into the Hufflepuff house, and she expresses that admiration in several moments with Newt Scamander.

Finding Those Fantastics Beasts

The fact that Newt loses and subsequently needs to find his creatures after they escape from his suitcase is particularly Hufflepuff-like, only because we’ve heard from A Very Potter Musical, that finding things is a skill of the ‘puff clan.

Herbology Class with Professor Scamander

So, maybe Newt didn’t exactly hold class in the film, but he did show Jacob a bit of his work shed where we can see plants all of all sorts, no doubt for use for nutrition and medicinal purposes in taking care of the beasts.

The Erumpent Mating Dance

Is there anything more Hufflepuff-like than Newt’s performance of an Erumpent mating ritual in order to seduce the creature back to safety within his magical suitcase? For those who may need a refresher, here’s actor Eddie Redmayne (also a proud Hufflepuff) teaching Jimmy Fallon how to do just that.

“Please, take care of my creatures.”

When the world looks it’s darkest, Newt Scamander is the first to jump in and sacrifice himself to save the day. But, not before he asks his new friends to stay behind, and take care of the magical beasts he’s worked so hard to save.

The relationship between Newt and Jacob

At the end of the film, when Jacob asks why Newt even bothered to bring him along on these adventures, Newt simply states that he liked Jacob. He was Newt’s friend, and that’s enough. Fierce friendship and loyalty to those you care about are strong traits of the average Hufflepuff, and we’re so glad to see them shine within our new hero, Newt.


Are you a Hufflepuff with a renewed sense of pride after seeing yourself depicted on screen so wonderfully? Let’s talk, Hufflepuff to Hufflepuff, in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbabble!

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