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5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Slytherins Would Love

5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Slytherins Would Love

After a long day of pranking first years, it’s time to relax while watching the squid go by the windows. What better way to unwind than to pull out some board games and play under the greenish light of the lamps?

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate


You are a group of adventurers tasked with removing the blight of Bhaal from the city. Explore the streets and catacombs by drawing and placing tiles. Each door on the tiles indicate what pile you pull from (street, catacombs, or building). As you explore, you will land on tiles that trigger events, give you items, or give you omens. After you draw and resolve the Omen card, you roll to see if the Haunt has been triggered. If it has, consult the cart to find out who the traitor is. Take a moment to read the Traitor’s Tomb and the Secrets to Survival to find out what you need to do to win. All’s fair in adventuring and backstabbing.

Cunning and ambition take the front seat in this game. Slytherins will love it for one of two reasons: either they get to be the traitor and sole winner or they get to outmaneuver their opponent.

Read more about it here!



It’s a free-for-all to decide who gains political dominance. Every player gets two influence cards at the start of the game that they play face down. Because your cards are unseen by the other players, you can bluff your way into using abilities of cards you don’t have. This is risky in that your opponent can call you out. If you have the card and want to prove it, you can show it and shuffle it back into the deck and draw a new one. This leaves quite a lot of bluffing in the game. Assassinate other players and be the last player with influence cards to win.

Classic bluff and stab your buddy in the back game, need I say more? This is striving to be the best at its finest.

Watch it played on Game The Game!

Sheriff of Nottingham


You are a merchant trying to smuggle goods passed the sheriff. Each player gets six cards of goods and their merchant bag to start the game. Each turn, one player is the sheriff and sits out of merchant actions. During the Market phase, each merchant can select some new goods from either the deck or the two discard piles (but must take the cards out of discard in the order they are placed in). It pays for the sheriff to keep an eye on what the merchants are picking up. Next, the merchants load whatever cards they want into their merchant bag, readying it for inspection. They then look the sheriff in the eye and tell them what they have in the bag (I swear it’s three loaves of bread!). The only thing you have to be honest about is how many cards are in the bag. It’s now time for the sheriff to solicit bribes in order to not inspect the bags. Player with the most money wins!

This is a great game to work on your cunning. Do you make the sheriff believe you have what you say or do you try to get them to open your bag and pay you the fine.

Watch it played on Game the Game!



This is a game of skill and negotiation. And backstabbing your allies. You are the leader of one of the countries on the map (or more than one if you have fewer players) trying to take over 18 supply centers dotted all over the map. You do this by moving your army around the board and reinforcing them as needed. Make and break alliances as you see fit, but beware that your opponents are doing the same. There are no dice rolls in this game, it is elegant in its sheer simplicity of rules.

This game can be a friendship killer. After swearing to let someone through your territory unharmed only to stab them in the back, could make someone a bit salty for awhile. Luckily, Slytherins know that all is far in love and war.

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You representing your family, trying to get money into your Swiss bank account. Elect one of the players into the office of President and use your influence on the proposed budget. Now it’s time to assassinate each other and maybe the president if you aren’t happy with the current regime. If you guess where another player will be, you can assassinate them and take their unbanked money. Rebel against the government or side with the president to take over five key strongholds on the island. If you are assassinated, don’t worry, you just come back as another member of your family and keep any banked money. Game ends when the money runs out.

The ever-changing flow of power will trip the triggers of any Slytherin that plays this game as they try to stay on the winning side of the junta. Viva El Presidente!

Slytherins, sound off! What games do you like to play? Let us know in the comments!

Games for all the Hogwarts Houses!

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