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5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Ravenclaws Would Love

5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Ravenclaws Would Love

After a hard day of learning, it’s time to take a break. What better way than to take in the spectacular views from one of the windows in Ravenclaw Tower with a board game. Here are five muggle board games that are perfect for the Ravenclaw to unwind with.

Ex Libris


You are working toward becoming the Grand Librarian. The only catch? So are all of your fellow librarians. Each player gets two library cards to choose from, but only takes one and its special helper token as well as two regular helpers. You then get a secret category card that is your special book focus. On the main board, one of the categories will go in the prominent books section and one on the banned books. Each turn, you will send out your assistants to the different location in the game to gather up books to make your library the best around. As you acquire new books, you shelve them in front of you. New books must touch previously shelved books and your bookshelves can never be more than three shelves tall. Once enough books are shelved to trigger the end of the game, it’s time for the last round and scoring.

Part of the fun of this game is figuring out which cards to grab and where to shelve them. This will sooth the minds of Ravenclaws because they love learning and books.  It’s pretty clear there’s a lot of Ravenclaws here at Geek & Sundry, as we’ve written about this game with a full game overview and even played it on Game the Game!

7 Wonders


You are building one of the seven wonders of the world. Each round, you are choosing one of the cards in your hand to play and passing the rest to another player. Once all the three rounds have been played, it’s time to score. Some cards will produce resources you will need to build up your wonder, some will add to your military might, and some will allow you to use your opponent’s resources. Some of the building you can play will make it easier for you to get out other structures in the future. At the end of the game, you gain points for multiple different things, including having military might, certain structures, and having multiple of the same symbol. This leaves you with plenty of strategy to play with.

The multiple different ways to win will allow Ravenclaws to test their wits against different opponents and try out many strategies.

Wits and Wagers


Each player gets one wipe off board to write their answers on. Each round, a question is asked and people write their answers on their board. Then the boards are arranged from smallest to largest. Here’s where the game gets interesting. You then bet on which of the answers is correct. Unlike Trivial Pursuit, you don’t have to know the correct answer to win the game. You get chips based on being right, but also guessing right.

This plays to the Ravenclaw’s strength of knowledge, but also plays to their keen intelligence. They know that their friend knows the correct answer, but they can also read the facial expression that maybe the incorrect answer was written.

Evolution: Climate


You are building species to survive the harsh world. At the beginning of the turn, you are throwing one of your cards into the middle to represent food for all the animals to eat. The rest of your cards uses are up to you. You can increase the population size, increase the size of your species, add a new species, or add new traits to them to make them bigger and badder. The card you threw into the middle for food has two things it can do during the turn. First, it tells you how many food it produces. Second, it either has a sun or snowflake (or nothing) that moves the tracker up and down the board. You then go around the board and eat the food in the center. If there aren’t enough pieces of food, species die out. As the climate gets colder or hotter, different events trigger and it gets easier or harder to forage for food as well as losing population.

Ravenclaws will love all of the moving parts of this game. From outwitting carnivores to adjusting the climate just so, this plays to the strengths of their house. Check out our full overview of the game!

Apples to Apples


Each round, one of the players is chosen to be the judge. They play a green apple card with a word and places it face up on the board. Everyone else chooses one of their red apple cards to play face down to either match the word with a noun or to play to the judge’s sense of humor. The red cards are shuffled and flipped over. The judge picks one of the cards to win and the winner gets the green card in front of them. The next player in line is now the judge. You keep playing until one player reaches the number of cards needed to win the game.

Having a keen wit is key in this game. It’s not always about matching the green card, but matching the judge for that round. This can lead to some very interesting combinations that will be the talk of the tower for days afterward.

What games do you want to bring into the Ravenclaw Tower to challenge your intellect? Let us know in the comments!

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Feature Image Credit: Arleana Holtzmann

Other Image Credit: Renegade Games, Repos Production, North Star Games, Out of the Box

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