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5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Hufflepuffs Would Love

5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Hufflepuffs Would Love

Once all of the homework is done and the plants are all taken care of, what’s a Hufflepuff to do with their spare time? You can only watch that one plant sing and dance so long (and really, someone should teach it a new song). It’s time to pull out some muggle board games from the closet and play them under the burnished copper lamps in the common room.



You are pitting species verses species to see who’s the most dominant. Starting with the youngest player, you take turns planting two of your small trees on the outside ring of the board. Each of the game’s rounds are measured by the sun fully rotating around the board. You will gain light points based on the position of the sun, the larger the tree the more points it is worth. If you are in the shadow of another tree, you get no light points during that phase. You then spend those light points on actions (buying trees, planting trees, upgrading a tree’s size, or ending the life cycle of a large tree to gain scoring points). After three rounds, the game ends and you add up your points.

Everyone knows that Hufflepuffs are generally some of the best Herbology students, owing to the fact that Professor Sprout is their head of house and brings a collection of interesting plants into the common room.



You are a gardener, tasked with growing bamboo for the Emperor’s new panda. Sounds easy, right? Well, that rascally panda won’t stop eating. On each of your turns, you roll the weather die and chose two different actions to take (placing tiles, irrigating tiles, moving the gardener, moving the panda, and drawing scoring cards). You can choose to ignore the weather die, but it gives you special actions on your turn. There are three different types of scoring cards: tile configuration, bamboo growth, and bamboo eaten. The game continues until someone plays enough scoring cards to trigger the end of game.

Hufflepuffs are great at herbology. The playing field is level, there are a lot of different strategies you can use to play and win. And let’s not forget, sometimes you’re the panda and the Hufflepuff house is right next to the kitchens.

Castle Panic


You must work together to repel the waves of monsters that are trying to smash your castle. Every turn you draw up to a full hand of cards, trade cards with the other players, play cards to slay monsters or rebuild walls, move the monsters up a space, and draw 2 new monster tokens. Monsters are placed in the forest on whatever number you roll. The board is broken up in three colors (1 and 2 are red, 3 and 4 are green, and 5 and 6 are blue) and five circles (forest, archer, knight, swordsman, and castle). As the game progresses, you must work together to slay the monsters as they come faster and faster. If they take out all of your castle towers, you lose, but if you hold out, victory is yours.

This feels very much like the battle of Hogwarts. Every Hufflepuff stayed to fight the Deatheaters because they are loyal to the school.



You are members from the CDC tasked with stopping the spread of deadly diseases. You randomly pick which role you get, each one being super useful in the management and cure of the diseases. Each turn you move about the board, stopping outbreaks and setting up research facilities. You get four actions on your turn, so careful planning goes a long way. You can trade cards with other players in the same cities to help them find cures. At the end of your turn, you draw two cards. Most of these will be useful, but there are Epidemic cards scattered throughout the deck. Those cause more diseases to spawn and move the infection tracker up. If you reach the outbreak tracker reaches the end, you lose. Cure all four diseases to win.

As the game progresses and more epidemics are spawned, the game gets harder to beat, but forces you to work together. Hufflepuffs will love the hard work and patience it takes to defeat the diseases.

Forbidden Island


You are a group of adventurer’s trying to reclaim the four treasures from the Forbidden Island before it sinks. Each player will randomly draw one of the 6 types of adventurers from the deck, each one having a different ability. On each of your turns, you will take up to 3 actions: move, shore up, give a treasure card to another player, or capture a treasure. You can shore up a tile either you are on or adjacent to you to keep it from sinking into the ocean. You can give one of your treasure cards to another player if you are on the same tile. When you have four of a treasure type, you can go to the tile of that type and capture the treasure. But beware, in the treasure deck there are cards that make the waters rise and flood more tiles. Work together to capture the four treasures and make it back to Fools’ Landing with a helicopter cards to get your team off the island.

This game is tough. You have to work together to keep tiles from disappearing off the board for good. It is through hard work and perseverance that you can win the day!

Bonus: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle


We would be remiss to have a Hufflepuff list without adding the Hogwarts Battle, even though there are no playable Hufflepuffs. This game is completely cooperative and plays to the loyalty that Hufflepuffs showed during that fateful battle by staying to fight.

What other games do you think Hufflepuffs would play? Share in the comments!

Feature Image Credit: Arleana Holtzmann

Image credit: Blue Orange Games, Asmodee, Fireside Games, Z-Man Games, Gamewright Games, USAopoly

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