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5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Gryffindors Would Love

5 Modern Muggle Board Games We Think Gryffindors Would Love

It’s a regular scene in the common room, the fire’s crackling merrily and there’s the scratch of quill pens on parchment. But what do you do when you are all caught up on your homework? You can only play Wizard Chess so many times. Here are some muggle board games we think would fit perfectly in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Escape the Curse of the Temple Big Box – Queen Games


This game is nothing if not for the brave and daring. Start the soundtrack and race through the temple, exploring as you go. Beware because twice during the game a gong will chime, signaling that you need to get to safety. Press your luck to see how far you can get into the temple without getting locked out of the center room. While looking for the way out, you will want to clear gems off the final door by rolling the symbols indicated in the room. Pair up because you all escape together or you die together.

I can see Gryffindors having a running contest of how fast they can clear the Temple with the most expansions. Muggle-born wizards have figured out a way to have the soundtrack playing without the need of the CD or MP3 player (no, Siri doesn’t count.)

Zombie Dice – Steve Jackson Games


You are a zombie intent of chomping brains. The problem is your prey of choice. Sometimes they don’t agree with your life choices. On your turn, you randomly pull three dice from the cup and roll them. Brains are good, feet get rerolled if you roll again, and shotgun blasts are bad. You can keep going and press your luck until either you choose to stop and collect those sweet brains or you get hit by three shotgun blasts. If you get shot, you score no points for that turn.

This classic press your luck game pairs perfectly with the Gryffindor nerve. The games are long and EPIC because no one wants to play it safe and they egg each other on to keep going until there are no dice left to roll, so it takes forever for anyone to score any points.

Talisman – Fantasy Flight Games


You are taking your character through the world of Talisman in the hopes of making it to the Portal of Power in the center of the board and win the Crown of Command. Sounds easy, right? Just remember that your opponents are trying to do the same. Roll the die and chose which way you want to go. Level up your life and strength, buy items, and collect followers to help you on your quest. If you land on a space with another player, you can fight them if you chose. Win and you pick to take a life, gold, or object from the loser. Work your way through the three worlds of the game. Be sure to collect a talisman before you make it to the portal. To the victor go the spoils!

Determination is the name of the game. Be chivalrous and don’t attack your opponents or knock them down a peg, the choice is up to you. Gryffindors will love the sandbox, adventure elements of this game.

Tiny Epic Quest – Gamelyn Games

tiny epic

A portal has opened up and is spewing goblins into your world. Now it is up to you to defeat them. The game is split into two phases: day and night. During the day, you are traveling to mushroom groves to seek guidance, villages to get quests, monuments to gain powerful spells, and treacherous locations to gain items. To move, each player picks a movement type and everyone, in turn, uses it (horses travel along the roads as far as you want, rafts along the rivers, etc.). Once everyone has had a turn picking the mode of travel, it’s time for night to fall. Starting with the first player, they roll the dice to see what happens during the night (goblins attack, punching the goblins, etc.). You may continue to adventure throughout the night in the hopes of completing things, but if your life reaches zero, you accomplish nothing for that day and all your characters go back home. Close the portal or kill all of the goblins to end the game.

Press your luck games and sandbox games go hand in hand with Gryffindors. The trick is knowing when to rest during the night so you can gain completed quests, which might be hard when just one more hit will kill the goblin, but one more hit will kill you. Spoils go to the courageous.

Fireball Island: the Curse of Vul-Kar – Restoration Games


Are you ready for vacation? Take in the sights on lovely Fireball Island. You’ll want to document your trip by taking as many snapshots as you can. Race down paths and pick up any treasure you find. Throughout the game, you will be flicking marbles in the hopes of knocking over your opponents and stealing their treasure. Beware, Vul-Kar isn’t happy with you stealing his treasures and will send tigers, bees, and snakes after you, as well as fireballs. Collect three snapshots and get back to the helipad to trigger the end of the game. Test your daring against an angry god hell-bent on destroying everyone.

Gryffindors will love this game because it is a nerve-wracking game where you are testing your luck and cunning.

Gryffindors are known for their nerve, bravery, chivalry, daring, courage, and determination. The mix of press your luck and adventure styles would bring out the best of these traits while creating a fun and exciting evening, especially when the snow is deep and you don’t want to go outside.

What other games do you think Gryffindors would love? Share in the comments!

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Other Image Credit: Queen Games, Steve Jackson Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Gamelyn Games, Restoration Game

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