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5 Geeky Music Covers You HAVE To Listen To

5 Geeky Music Covers You HAVE To Listen To

It’s not a new trend to take a popular song and put your own geek spin to it. We’re absolutely hearts in eyes emojis about the whole thing. But you know what’s equally awesome? When musicians take it to another level and prominently wave their nerd flag. There’s nothing quite like hearing your favorite geeky anthems reimagined into something that just downright rocks. Here are some of our favorites.

Jurassic Park Theme – Field Mouse

The Brooklyn based band recently went from a duo to a full fledged ordeal with a rhythm section to maximize their potential. To promote their upcoming tour, Field Mouse released a covers album. One of those tracks happens to be a cover of the Jurassic Park theme song. It’s kind of weird, kind of guitar-y, and 100% awesome. The album is only available in this special shop online to help them break even on their tour. Clever girl(s and boys).

Game of Thrones Theme – CHVRCHES

You know what the Game of Thrones needs? MORE SYNTHS. Trio CHVRCHES is one of the most talked about acts of the past couple of years. They’re very talented, very good, and very Scottish. When we saw this video of them messing around in the studio playing one of the greatest TV theme songs of all time, we might’ve swooned a bit harder than we should. Westeros doesn’t seem so grim with a dance track behind it.

“Falling (Twin Peaks Theme)” – Bastille

You probably guessed that “Laura Palmer” by Bastille was about the doomed character from David Lynch’s cult classic, Twin Peaks. But did you know before they eh oh-ed their way into our hearts, the British band recorded a version of it over the TV show’s haunting theme song? Now that’s a whole other level of fandom. Also featuring sound bites from John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club, this iteration of “Falling” and “Laura Palmer” is full of layers and depth that make us want to delve into repeat listens with a damn fine cup of coffee.

“Power of Love” – Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost has made a name for themselves around the Brooklyn music scene as the one of the best bands. They’re also like really good at covers. One of their very first covers was the anthem from Back to the Future by Huey Lewis and the News. Jukebox the Ghost guns it to 88 and makes us want to invest in puffy vests, hoverboards, and lace up Nikes. That’s the power of really hilarious pop covers.

Akira (Kaneda’s Theme) – Player Piano

Our list of awesome geeky covers wouldn’t be complete without our friends over at Player Piano. The beautifully arranged composition is accompanied by some pretty stellar visuals (and not to mention killer cameos from our Vloggers), and how can you not just be completely enamored by this. We’re so glad their Indiegogo campaign was fully funded so we can get more videos like this. Now excuse us while we watch this on a continuous loop until forever.

What are some of your favorite geeky covers? Tell us in the comments below!

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