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5 Franchises Lacking an RPG Tie-In and 5 Substitutes!

5 Franchises Lacking an RPG Tie-In and 5 Substitutes!

One of the best things about being a geek in 2016 is the sheer proliferation of stuff a fan can get that is tied in to their favorite intellectual properties. From Star Trek pizza cutters, Harry Potter candy, and chibi Ghostbusters figures; chances are good you can get it if you want it! Most of the time. Not every series gets the RPG treatment, though, and that makes us all sad-face emoji.

In that spirit, here are five more franchises we wish we could get an official adaptation of!


me3Photo Credit: BioWare

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned the lack of an official Mass Effect game on our shelves, and a doff of the cap goes to G&S’ own Courtney Kraft for championing it in the first place. Especially with the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda coming down the pike early next year, this would be THE PERFECT time for Green Ronin to re-skin their Dragon Age game to bring us the adventures of Shepard and company.

Also, there ARE a few solid ME homebrews out there, but you gotta find those on your own.

What to play instead: Speaking of using Dragon Age as a base, Wil Wheaton’s Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana is a pretty great substitute with its rich world of science fantasy. For fans of “hard” sci-fi, the indie hit Eclipse Phase brings a satisfying crunch of science and transhumanism to the table, with a nice frosting of cosmic horror.


at-800x600-lady-rainicorn-picture-2Photo Credit: Cartoon Network

What time is it? IT’S TIME FOR A DANG ADVENTURE TIME RPG, y’all! The long-running Cartoon Network hit has inspired video games, books, comics, toys and a TON of other choice memorabilia, but for those wishing to play in the Land of Ooo, they’ve found themselves left high and dry. Well, except for those fans in Spain! There is an official Spanish Language Edition available that some enterprising folks have translated, but there is no word on an English-language version hitting our shores any time soon.

What to play instead: This one’s a tricky, as the Land of Ooo is a very weird, remarkable place and it’s hard to translate that whimsy and spoopyness into an existing system. Ponyfinder has a touch of that, as does the upcoming Pugmire fantasy RPG. Frankly, we’re open to suggestions on this one while we wait for that official English adaptation!

Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

Hitchhikers-Guide-to-the-Galaxy-by-Douglas-AdamsPhoto Credit:

One of the best things about Douglas Adams’ legendary franchise is that pretty much any sci-fi trope goes, and with tongue firmly planted in cheek this would make for an exceptionally fun, casual tabletop experience. Also, with Elijah Woods and Max Landis’ upcoming adaptation of Adams’ Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency coming to Netflix this winter, the time seems ripe for an official adventure game based on the fan-favorite series.

What to play instead: A really great universal system like Savage Worlds or FATE would allow for a ton of 3rd party support and character customization that would suit the free-form universe of the books perfectly. Failing that, and also SUPER British, we’d recommend tweaking Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who line!


avengersPhoto Credit: Marvel Comics/Disney

“A-HA,” I hear you grognards say! While it’s true that there have been THREE RPG’s based on the juggernaut media company’s properties – with the most recent being only a few years back – NO ONE currently has a game in print. Which is a shame, because while they all had flaws, they all had their own charm, and it seems a gross oversight to have let this happen. Eyeballs Disney Suspisciously.

Also, since you’re reading this article on Geek & Sundry, I’m guessing I don’t need to sell you on why a Marvel game is/was/would be cool.

What to play instead: Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds could EASILY bring your faves from the House of Ideas to life. Icons is easy to hop in to on short notice yet surprisingly flexible, and the upcoming 3rd edition of the Villains & Vigilantes system is a good fit as well.


GI-Joe-Transformers-Crossover-MovieImage Credit: IDW Publishing

Speaking of gross oversights, how did the Hasbro properties from the 80’s and beyond NEVER get their own game systems?! It would have been so easy and profitable for a bunch of different companies, and yet it didn’t happen. And while we’re highlighting perfect times to release an official game: IDW Publishing is getting ready to do a massive crossover comic featuring not only the two titles listed above, but also Micronauts, M.A.S.K., ROM, and Action Man. Seriously: this is an idea whose time has come.

What to play instead: Cartoon Action Hour, my friends. With an easy to learn system that pays homage to the source material, as well as numerous source books to add flavor to your campaigns (want a little Jem and The Holograms in the mix?), this is the definitive choice. Honorable mention: Spycraft Real American

None of this is to diminish the hard work that some many gamers put in to crafting their own experiences, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone stat out a few monsters every now and again, you know? Here’s hoping someone out there is listening, and that we get to see at least one of these at some point in the near future.

What series from this list do you want to see come to life? Which franchise did we miss? Let us know below!

Cover Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

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