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5 Creepy Pokemon You Won’t Want to Run Into in Pokemon Go

5 Creepy Pokemon You Won’t Want to Run Into in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is taking over the world and we couldn’t be happier. Rumors say that new pokemon will be joining the system in December and that got us thinking. Is there a pokemon we wouldn’t want to run into? Turns out, there are several pokemon that creep us out enough that we’d be scared of meeting them in a dark alley. Here are our picks for the five creepiest.


Now you might not think Kadabra is that freaky a pokemon, but check out the Pokedex entry for this creeper from FireRed:


Let me repeat: a kid turned into a Kadabra. Are all Kadabra children? Are Abra babies? What kind of moral dilemma does this cause when I throw a pokeball at the guy? Is this a social commentary on child labor laws? We don’t even know anymore!


And if you thought you could escape this moral conundrum think again. Kadabra, as a member of Gen I, is already in Pokemon Go. Think about what you’re about to do before trying to catch that Kadabra.


Yamask is a ghost pokemon who first appeared in Gen V. Now, a lot of ghost types are creepy, but Yamask’s spot on our list is well-deserved. First and foremost, Yamask are the ghosts of humans. Probably not that easy to tell when you just look at a picture of one.


But do you see that mask? Yeah, that’s a mask of Yamask’s human face. Sometimes Yamask looks at its mask and cries because, according to the pokedex, it remembers its human life. Even creepier, if a person puts on the mask, Yamask is able to possess them. You just know these pokemon are hanging out in dark alleys, waiting to pull a darker version of Jim Carrey’s The Mask on unsuspecting victims.


Did Drifloon earn its spot on this list because of its weird yellow X nose/mouth or because of its spindly arms and heart hands? No, Drifloon got its spot here because of one simple fact; it steals children.


Drifloon is known as the “Signpost for Wandering Spirits” because of its non-stop wandering, but it may be better known for taking children away who confuse it for a balloon. It’s like a will-o-the-wisp leveled up and chose to major in child kidnappings.

Luckily, because of its light weight, Drifloon is fairly easy to resist for adults and larger kids. Maybe this is why you can’t be a pokemon trainer before your 10th birthday?


This one even looks creepy. If Banette never gets added to Pokemon Go, I’m only going to go collecting in the middle of the day. Just look at those evil purple eyes and a zippered mouth. Why does that mouth need to be zippered? What secrets is it hiding?


Turns out, banette are pokemon that are created from abandoned children’s toys. They are animated by intense hatred for the children who abandoned them. The grudge is so intense that these pokemon actually hang out in dark alleys and try to hunt down the people who tossed them away. Basically, it wants to create the R-version of Toy Story.

Oh, and that zipper? Apparently, that zipper is the only thing keeping its essence inside its body. It’ll die if it gets its mouth unzipped, but has no problem acting like a voodoo doll, stabbing itself to curse others.


Yveltal’s a legendary so you would expect it to have a nice history or something. It’s got a cool red/black design and looks like it would be an awesome addition to your party. Yeah, you’d be wrong.


Despite the relatively cute look of Yveltal, it holds a dark secret. When this pokemon dies, it actually just turns into a cocoon and waits to be reborn. That’s awesome, except for the catch. It fuels its cocoon and rebirth by killing everything in its vicinity. It steals the life force of everything near it so it can live again. Yveltal is the Jeepers Creepers version of pokemon. Just, don’t ask where it got those peepers, ok?

Which pokemon creep you out? Which are you excited to stumble across in Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments.

All Images Credited To: Pokemon Company International

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