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5 Craziest Carol Moments on The Walking Dead

5 Craziest Carol Moments on The Walking Dead

Carol Peletier, played by the amazing Melissa McBride, has been one of the most surprising characters on AMC’s runaway hit, The Walking Dead. Carol may have started out as a meek and quiet character, cowering under the weight of an overbearing and abusive husband, but as we’ve gotten to know more about her, we’ve not only started to see Carol as a woman who is full to bursting with strength and resilience, but she’s also pretty badass, too. Carol’s story has been my favorite to follow on the show, and she is involved in some of the most memorable moments in the show’s history. Though I could probably write dozens of posts on the awesome, badass, crazy things Carol does, here are the top 5 craziest (spoilers ahead, obviously).

When Carol Became an “Innocent Housewife” in Alexandria

Scarol Shooting

Carol and the rest her group have had a rough time when it’s come to meeting new people. After communities like Woodbury and Terminus, the group was understandably skeptical about Alexandria. Choosing to play everything close to the vest, Carol decided to essentially become invisible among the other Alexandrians. She hid her outstanding fighting abilities, her leadership, and her quick thinking, and morphed into a sweater set wearing, cookie baking, junior league attending, everyday housewife. She even made a show of asking some of the Alexandria men to teach her how to shoot. The entire charade is hilarious, knowing that Carol could pretty much take out all of Alexandria by herself if she was so inclined. Even though I’m 100% on #TeamCarol, her wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing act makes her seem significantly more dangerous and threatening. I’m certain there is a huge blowout bubbling just under the surface, but for now she’s still sticking to pastels and baking.

That Time She Threatened a Kid and Bribed Him With Cookies


Of course, the key part to Carol’s undercover act is ensuring that no one sees real life Rambo Carol. To be sure of this, Carol would make a big show of baking and being generally normal, and keep her trips to swipe extra ammo from the Alexandria weapons room on the DL. When Jessie’s son, Sam, happens to spot Carol stealing ammunition and weapons, Carol immediately swoops in to keep her bases covered. She threatens the kid to terrify him into silence–and she does a damn good job, too. Carol doesn’t just threaten to kill Sam, she threatens to steal him from his bed at night, take him far beyond the Alexandria walls, tie him to a tree, and let him either slowly die or be eaten by a walker without his mother ever knowing what happened to him… OR he could keep his mouth shut and she’d bake him all the tasty cookies he can eat! I’m a full-grown woman, and I’d be terrified if Carol came at me like that. I’ll take the cookies, please, thank you.

When She “Dealt” with the Deadly Flu in the Prison

Carol in the Prison

One of the invisible dangers in any sort of apocalypse is the danger of disease–the regular kind, not the zombie variety. Without some of those basic medications that we so often take for granted, something simple like an infection or a flu can get out of control quickly. When people started getting sick in the prison, fear started to ripple through the group. How would they really keep people quarantined? What was causing the disease? How was it being transmitted? Is there any way for people to get better once they’re sick? After enough people fell ill and a few died, Carol got sick of the slow work of treating the sick, and went into the more ancient (albeit slightly barbaric) methods of disease control. She didn’t just force the sick out of the prison, but she killed them and burned their bodies. Ultimately, this choice got her exiled from the prison, but she was happily reunited with the group after the Governor attacked the prison, scattering the group towards Terminus. Hey, speaking of Terminus…

When She Took out the Terminus Termites ALL BY HERSELF

Carol Terminus

For all the build up the show gave us for Terminus, the Terminus storyline was resolved pretty darn quickly thanks to the work of one woman. While most of the group was imprisoned in Terminus, frantically trying to figure out an escape plan before the Termites made some Ricktatorship Stew (get it? cannibal joke? too soon?), Carol was outside of the town, making plans. She reused a technique Glenn and Rick used back in season one, disguising herself in walker guts to allow her to move through a herd undisturbed, and then perched on a hill and destroyed Terminus and most of the inhabitants single-handedly. While her actions as the part time housewife, part time cookie briber in Alexandria has earned her the name “Scarol” by the fandom. After taking out Terminus, the fandom awarded her with the incredibly appropriate nickname, Rambo Carol.

When She Ruined the Words “Look at the Flowers” For Everyone

Look at the Flowers

This wasn’t just the craziest moment for Carol. I’d say it was the craziest moment on the entire show. When Lizzie proved she was dangerous by killing her younger sister, Mika, Carol had to make the impossible choice to stop Lizzie from endangering herself or others ever again. Carol shot Lizzie in a field full of flowers, and essentially destroyed the souls of Walking Dead fans forever.

What do you think are some of Carol’s craziest moments? What are the craziest moments from all of The Walking Dead? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

All images courtesy of AMC

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