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5 Celebrities You’d Never Guess Played D&D

5 Celebrities You’d Never Guess Played D&D

It’s no secret: there are a lot of famous people who play Dungeons & Dragons. Vin Diesel is one of the most prominent celebrities who play D&D, but here’s a few other folks you might have heard of who also know the joys of rolling a natural 20.

Marilyn Manson

Growing up in Ohio, Brian Warner was a pretty geeky kid, not only playing roleplaying games, but also painting miniatures. He talked about playing D&D growing up in his book, The Long Road Out of Hell.


Manson’s song, “15“, includes the lyrics, “This time I won’t hesitate to kill to protect what I believe in.” Sounds a lot like a paladin who has taken the Oath of Vengeance, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Manson was a spellcaster as well as a fierce fighter.

James Franco

It doesn’t surprise us that James Franco is a D&D player, having not only played himself but also acting as a neophyte gamer in a 2000 episode of Freaks and Geeks:

While James makes a pretty convincing Dwarf fighter in the above montage, after watching Pineapple Express and 127 Hours, we can’t help but think of the actor as a Druid who has specialized into the Circle of the Land. Maybe the spell Goodberry would have allowed his character from 127 Hours to hold out almost indefinitely.

Kimberley Kane


Kimberley Kane has been playing D&D since 2009, with her D&D group’s escapades even being recorded and posted online. While the starlet is starring in an adult parody as Wonder Woman, we’d love to see her play as a monk, harnessing the power of the body in pursuit of physical and spiritual perfection.

Also, we kinda giggled thinking about the Quivering Palm ability as as a technique of the Way of the Open Hand. Yes, we’re twelve.

Tim Duncan


Tim has been rather open about his love of D&D, having discussed it with a local San Antonio newspaper back in 1997. Sure, on the court he battles Wizards, but at the table, he becomes one. He even sports a wizard tattoo, and goes by the nickname “Merlin”. We can’t help but imagine him as a basketball sorcerer, however, imbued with the power of greatness and the ability to bend luck and twist fate, as one touched by wild magic would do.

Wayne Brady

With his improvisational instinct, we’d love to play a game with Wayne Brady. What class other than Bard could he possibly be given his ability to inspire and entertain? We’d peg him as a College of Lore bard, as all the bits of information he’s picked up is perfectly showcased in any of his improv work.

Do you know any other famous folks who love their Dungeons and Dragons? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting (Fair Use)
Image Credits: Keith Allison | Flickr (CC 2.0), Nicholas Alan Cope | (Fair Use), Kimberly Kane | Tumblr (Fair Use)


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