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The 5 Biggest Panels at SDCC 2015

The 5 Biggest Panels at SDCC 2015

For one extended weekend every year, San Diego becomes the center of geek entertainment. An estimated one hundred thirty thousand plus fans make the pilgrimage to Southern California each year eagerly anticipating the newest information concerning next year’s tent-pole productions and waiting with baited breath any morsel of content surrounding the most watched TV shows. Here are some of the most important panels and what they brought to the floor from San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

supergirlImage credit:CBS/


Something celestial happened at SDCC on Wednesday night; both literally and figuratively. The much anticipated Supergirl pilot was screened. It must have been a blue moon because that’s how often the audience at the oft times harshly critical Comic-Con is willing to allow universal praise. It did so in this instance and it is deserved. From the writing to the acting, this highly anticipated show won the hearts and minds of the audience and they took to social media to pledge their allegiance to the new show.

I was able to catch up with Derek Mio who plays Hayashi in the series. His contentment with the praise was apparent. “There’s always trepidation when you’re involved with a big franchise project because you want to please the fans and the critics, and the fact that Supergirl has been so well received at Comic-Con is a testament to the hard work and of everyone involved that I was so fortunate to have collaborated with.” Safe to say that Derek and the rest of the cast nailed it.

archangelImage credit:20th Century Fox/


There are very few tent pole franchises that don’t need to do anything at SDCC to increase the hype around it. You can count X-Men among those. The good people at Fox and Bad Hat Harry Productions decided to whet our appetites yet again with a glimpse at the most recent installment of the series, X-Men: Apocalypse. This clip rose to the occasion. With the critical acclaim of First Class and Days Of Futures Past, Bryan Singer has proven he has a lot to live up to with his latest film. Given the footage we saw during the Fox panel on Saturday, the series that began the Marvel movie craze will take this commodity to the next level. Given the pedestal it already sits upon, this is no easy feat.

Crimson-PeakImage credit:Legendary/


It’s not just about one Legendary project. Warcraft footage would have been enough to win over the hearts of everyone in the crowd. Pacific Rim 2 would have quelled the appetites of the throngs of people in Hall H, but pair those both up with the cast of Crimson Peak and it’s safe to say that Legendary lived up to it’s name. Thomas Tull has a way of hyping projects to the point of no return and then delivering on those promises when the time is right. There is no bigger stage for him and his company than SDCC. Hall H might not be big enough for them next year if they keep this up.


Image credit:Walt Disney Pictures


The key word with Star Wars has always been “beyond.” J.J. doesn’t disappoint. Beyond a “behind the scenes” clip of filming, beyond the concert that did it’s best to empty the massive Hall H, beyond Harrison Ford’s first public appearance since his plane crash; it was a little the update on the progress that caught a lot of people off guard. “We have a rough cut of the movie. We’re fine tuning it. To have the time to do this right is not a small thing.” This tidbit of information is the pinhole of light at the end of very long tunnel for those who were hoping episodes seven through nine would someday be made.

game of thrones

Image credit:HBO


Warning: There are spoilers ahead. Turn back now while you still have a chance.

Oh, Jon Snow. We miss you. The internet has been alive with conjecture over different theories concerning the fate of this fan favorite. Kit Harrington’s hairstyle at Wimbledon did nothing to stave off Jon’s possible return to the show. That subject was settled once and for all with a story from Entertainment Weekly of a conversation between GoT director David Nutter and no less than The President Of The United States himself. According to Nutter, Jon Snow is “Deader than dead.” When the panel opened up for audience Q&A, it was a Snow heavy line of questioning. Some actors joked, some actors played coy, but at the end of the day, Jon Snow isn’t coming back.

What do you think were the biggest panels or announcements at Comic-Con this year? Share your thoughts about what you’re excited about in the comment section below.

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