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5 Reasons to Show Your Badger Pride on Hufflepuff Day!

5 Reasons to Show Your Badger Pride on Hufflepuff Day!

It’s Hufflepuff Pride Day! That day where we appreciate everything about being a badger. You know, Hufflepuffs get ragged on a lot, but they’re totally awesome! If you’ve been sorted into Hufflepuff and not feeling the pride yet, never fear! Here are 5 reasons you should be proud to sport the yellow and black.

The Hufflepuff Common Room

Hufflepuffs get the best common room. No, seriously, check it out:

HufflepuffCommonroom_PM_Image Credit: Pottermore

Not only is the awesome common room not in a dungeon or a remote tower, you don’t have to answer riddles to reach your bed at the end of a long day of classes. Hufflepuffs even get to hang out right next to the kitchen where all the House Elves want to feed you all the time. As a Slytherin, I’m super jealous.

The Best Famous Puffs

Hufflepuffs have the best alumni. Not only did Cedric Diggory represent this house in the Triwizard Tournament; Tonks, everyone’s favorite metamorphmagus, donned a yellow and black tie with her Hogwarts uniform. Oh, and that new Potterverse movie coming out? It stars a Hufflepuff. That’s right, the Puffs got a feature film before either Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

timthumbImage Credit: WB

But let’s not stop at the Potterverse. Oh no, there are many characters (and real people) that can and do fall into the house of Helga. Don’t believe me? Well, check out this list compiled by EW of 150 celebrities and their Hogwarts houses. Highlights of the Puffs: Tom Hanks, Kristin Chenoweth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob Marley, and Pocahontas.

And then there’s this amazing Nerdist article that explains how Deadpool is totally a badger.

Image Credit: Marvel

Not a Spare

People make jokes about how Hufflepuffs are the spares, the rejects, but they don’t know what they’re missing. Helga Hufflepuff was all about teaching all students and not favoring one type of student over another, unlike the other founders. Helga didn’t want to treat any students better than others for any reason and that spirit has stayed with the house.

Trust us, if you’re in Hufflepuff, you’re pretty darn cool. And if you don’t believe me, check out this parody by Not Literally:

Hufflepuffs are Particularly Good Finders


Image Credit: Starkid 

AVPM references ftw! But seriously, Hufflepuffs are awesome! And not just because they’re great finders. Did you know that Hufflepuff has produced the least amount of Dark Wizards? Seriously, every other house has created Dark Wizards (yes, even you, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw) but no Dark Wizards have come from badger-land. As a Slytherin, I’m pretty darn jealous of you Puffs.

Image Credit: Starkid 

The Main Reason Hufflepuff is the Best!

If the above reasons aren’t enough to get your head lifted high in pride, try this one on for size. J.K. Rowling has said Hufflepuff is her favorite house.

2db61afac4eb51c83db2d6c745546eaeImage Credit: Snitch Seeker

Yes, the creator of the Potterverse, Hogwarts, and all of its houses, has declared Hufflepuff as the best house. Take that, all you naysayers! Shaboom, Hufflepuff is the best!

Wear the yellow and black with pride and grab a butterbeer on us. Hang out in your awesome common room and let everyone know you’ve got badger pride. Hufflepuff and proud!


Featured Image Credit: chromomaniac/DeviantArt

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