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4 Things To Know Before You Pick Up Super Mario Run

4 Things To Know Before You Pick Up Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s first official iOS game is now in the App Store. When you’re ready to start your next Mushroom Kingdom adventure on the iPhone or iPad, all it takes is the tap of a finger to make Mario jump, spin, and grab coins on his newest quest to rescue Princess Peach.

Super Mario Run is a platformer game that feels very familiar to anyone who’s played a Mario game before. In this version, though, Mario moves forward automatically, so you can play with just one hand. He even hops over small obstacles and small enemies on his own, leaving the big, timed jumps to your quick reflexes.

Lifelong Mario fans might consider picking Super Mario Run up a no-brainer, but if you’re on the flagpole, here are four things you need to know before you jump over the to App Store.

It’s Free to Try

Super Mario Run is fairly expensive for an app, with a price tag of $9.99 to unlock all 6 worlds. Unlocking the full version also gives you some tickets and coins when you buy it, but as far as in-app purchases go, that’s the extent of it.

Price making you pause? You can download Super Mario Run for free to give it a try first. You’ll get the first three stages so you can try your hand (or finger) at jumping around the Mushroom Kingdom. You’ll also get limited access to the other two games modes of the app. That’s right, Super Mario Run is like three games in one.

There Are Three Modes to Play

The app comes with the typical Super Mario-style stages in the World Tour, along with the competitive mode “Toad Rally” and the more creative “Kingdom Builder.”

Super Mario Run

In Toad Rally, you’ll go head to head against players from around the world to earn coins and the favor of Toads cheering for you in the stands. The flashier moves you make, like hopping off walls Ninja Gaiden-style, the more the Toads will cheer for you. (Hint: check the Tips and Tricks in the app for a list of moves that the Toads really love.) Coins and Toads are totaled at the end to pick the winner of the Rally.

Kingdom Builders is a small mini-game where you use your earned coins, along with the Toads who cheered for you in Toad Rally, to create your own version of the Mushroom Kingdom. Buy decorations to make a one-of-a-kind kingdom that Princess Peach would be happy to call home.

You Can’t Play Offline

An internet connection is required to play Super Mario Run, so Mario won’t be able to help you stay entertained on your next long flight or train ride to work.

In a statement to Polygon, Nintendo confirmed that the game is online only to save data across devices as well as to provide in-game events and up-to-date Toad Rally challenges. “Super Mario Run is not a static experience, but rather one that players can continue to return to again and again to enjoy something new and unexpected,” Nintendo representatives told Polygon.

It’s A Lot of Bang For Your Ten Bucks

Super Mario Run feels as polished as any Mario adventure on the console, even if it’s not as portable as a game on the DS because of the connectivity requirement. With 24 game stages that encourage replaying to earn special coins, character unlocks earned by playing Kingdom Builder and finishing stages, special moves to master for higher scores in Toad Rally, and more, there’s a lot of Super Mario packed into one app.

Will you run to the App Store to get Super Mario Run? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Nintendo

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