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4 Simple, Clever Cosplay Ideas to Help You Stand Out In the Crowd

4 Simple, Clever Cosplay Ideas to Help You Stand Out In the Crowd

As you kick off another year filled with geek cons and other awesome gatherings, there may be more than traveling costs and celebrity photo ops on your mind. Perhaps you have been cosplaying for a while and you want to create a look that pushes your creative skills to the limits. Or, you are a first-time cosplayer and you want to make sure you deliver an Instagram-worthy appearance. If so, these simple, yet clever cosplay ideas will help you stand out in the crowd:

Look to the World Wide Web(comics)

If you are looking for a fresh look to decrease your chances of running into a doppelgänger, then webcomics and webseries are the perfect sources for inspiration. Cosplaying your favorite web-based character is the ultimate way to use your ingenuity to create a costume that will spark the curiosity of other con goers. People who don’t recognize who/what you are will ask questions and perhaps discover a new favorite comic or series through your cosplay art. And, the few people who do recognize your cosplay will be sure to strike up a conversation and snap a few photos. It’s a win-win situation!

Sketch as Neopolitan from RWBY

Cosplay Artist “Sketch” as Neopolitian from RWBY (Photo Credit: Tai Gooden)

The Boy Who Fell webcomic cosplay

Quartz and Nero from “The Boy Who Fell” webcomic (Photo Credit: Ellie Justine – Laughing Lotus Cosplay)

Twice the Characters, Twice the Fun

Why stick to being one character when you can be two? Cosplaying multiple characters at the same time is yet another way to inspire your cosplay fam and challenge yourself to create a masterpiece. For an experienced cosplayer, a combination look will help you achieve your next level of cosplay goals and open up the door to endless future mashups. No, it’s not a novel idea, but it is always fun to see a cosplayer combine two unlikely forces. So go ahead and open the doors for you to be 50% Poison Ivy, 50% Wonder Woman, and 100% awesome.


Poca-Han-Solo by cosplay artist Aleu Moana (Photo Credit: Aleu Moana/Eurobeat Kasumi Photography)

Deadpool Doctor Who

Deadpool and the Eleventh Doctor mashup (Photo Credit: Bumac/deviantART)

Squad Up, Roll Out

This is the year to squad up and bring a comic or movie clique to life! Grab a few of your nerdy friends and decide on which ensembles your team wants to represent at your next convention. Will you be the Justice League or Suicide Squad? Or perhaps you are all expert cosplayers who can pull together a difficult look like Doctor Whos Paternoster Gang (oh look… a lizard lady and a walking potato man)? Making cosplay a group affair could be a great choice for a cosplay newbie who feels like there is strength and confidence in numbers, as well as a cosplayer who wants to entertain the masses with cool photo poses and a little live-action role playing.

KoiCosplay Bleach Photo

Bleach Cosplay by KoiCosplay (Photo Credit: Eurobeat King)


Stretch the Limits, Swap Your Cosplay

As a cosplayer, you have the freedom to be whatever character you want to be and to alter that character to fit your identity. For example, if you identify as a woman and you love the Tenth Doctor, you can take his trademark men’s pinstripe suit and tailor it to have the “feminine fit” that you think a woman doctor would rock (aka “gender swapping cosplay”). Or, perhaps you want to step directly into Ten’s original suit/overcoat and rock it like a boss. Either way, taking on a character of a different gender often leads to some of the most ingenious cosplay outfits. Of course, this also goes for anyone else who falls on the wide spectrum of gender identity. Take whomever you want and either take on the original gender or flip it for a feminine, masculine, or androgynous look! Remember, cons are a place for you to geek without boundaries and your cosplay choice is a reflection of what you love, not what society says you should enjoy!


Oni Hartstein’s femme version of the Sixth Doctor (Photo Credit: Oni Hartstein)

Gender bent group

Cosplay Artists Re-imagine the Genders of “Homestuck” characters (Photo Credit: Ken Ad/deviantART)


Feature Photo Credit:SoloGrayson/deviantART

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