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4 Reasons You’re Missing Out By Not Watching ‘Good Fortnight Kevin’

Geek & Sundry has always been unapologetically quirky, and no more has that shown than with our newest morning show, Good Fortnight Kevin. While our previous morning show, Darin & Amy Do a Morning Show was delightful, and both Amy and Darin fulfilled their contractual hosting obligations. Unfortunately for the production team, the contractual obligations to produce a morning show have not ended, and as the showbiz adage goes, the show must go on.

In a scramble to make things happen, the production team bit the bullet and moved from behind the camera to in front of it. Thankfully we have the technology to capture and rewatch the whole thing. These 4 reasons are why you should be tuning in every other Monday (a fortnight is two weeks, after all).

It’s Marisha Ray endorsed.

Yes, Marisha did appear in the GFK trailer (above) due to contractual obligation. But she DID give the show a terrific endorsement, and she sums up the show best: it’s a funny, dumb, meta show made especially for Geek & Sundry fans.

For fans of shows like Critical Role and Shield of Tomorrow,  you’ll find little easter eggs in the show as you peek behind the curtain of our productions, and maybe catch of glimpse of ubiquitous G&S personalities. Like if you take a peek as Kevin learns to focus the camera, you might catch a glimpse of the Critical Role table (and Matt Mercer’s DM Screen):

GFK Meta

New packaging, same great taste.

If you loved Darin & Amy Do A Morning Show, don’t worry: you’ll love Good Fortnight Kevin. Why? Kevin decided to keep some of the “legacy segments” from Darin & Amy’s show, including the musical segment, Toast And Jam. As it turns out, one of the production team members has a didgeridoo, and a couple others have accompanying instruments.

GFK Toast n Jam

You almost never see a 3-piece digeridoo band, and there might be a reason for that. The dulcet tones of the instrument are juxtaposed with triangle and harmonica are something to behold.

Snakes! (Or, if  you’re snakes averse, snakes!?!?!)

Actually, it’s just snake. Singular. Wrapped around poor Kevin’s neck. One of the things Kevin decided morning shows need is an animal segment. Chris Fischel (producer of Geek & Sundry’s Painters Guild and Starter Kit) took on the mantle of GFK resident animal specialist for the animal segment of the show. He’s like the Jackson Galaxy of snakes (or the closest thing to it on G&S’s production team.)

Snakes Kevin

While Chris may be all about snakes, and Kevin may be warming up to them (at least, the snake is warming up to him), you might sympathize with Dani, and chose instead to be far, far away.

Snakes Dani

It’s the least pretentious morning show you’ll ever watch.

You know what Dani Carr isn’t afraid of? Realness. And she keeps the show pretty grounded and real.

Thank You

Morning shows can be boring, with traffic updates and fake smiles. Good Morning Kevin has NONE OF THAT. It is a refreshing take on the morning show format that will absolutely make you giggle.

You can catch the premiere of Good Fortnight Kevin exclusively on Alpha. The next episode goes live this coming Monday (February 12) with new episodes going live every other Monday. Don’t have an Alpha account? Get a free 30-day trial at

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