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4 Digital Board Games to Enjoy This International Tabletop Day
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4 Digital Board Games to Enjoy This International Tabletop Day

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International Tabletop Day is quickly approaching like a high-scoring meeple across a point track. While many of us will gather around cardboard entertainment with family and friends at our local gaming stores and cafes, perhaps you are looking for something more high-tech; a game that can link you with friends far away or even get in a game while on the move. Digital board games have paved the way to enjoy some of our favorite games no matter where we are or who we’re with. Here are a few titles to check out during this year’s International Tabletop Day.

Lords of Waterdeep


Immersed in the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Faerun, Lords of Waterdeep is a worker-placement game where the players vie for control of the city of Waterdeep. Unlike many D&D games where you play as the heroes, in Lords of Waterdeep you instead play one of the lords; the secretive movers and shakers of the city.  As a lord, you will hire heroes to complete quests that further your hidden agenda. You may need a few individuals to send aid to the Harpers or perhaps a full party of fighters, clerics, rogues, and wizards to defeat an unruly beholder, but no matter which quest you complete, you’ll gain precious influence over the city. Combining stream-lined worker-placement mechanics with one of the classic D&D settings, Lords of Waterdeep scratches that quest completion itch in a fraction of the time that it would take you to play an entire tabletop campaign. Lords of Waterdeep is available on Steam, iOS, and Google Play.



Developed by League of Geeks, Armello is a strategy, role-playing board game where you are a champion of one of the Kingdom’s animal clans (Rat, Rabbit, Bear or Wolf). The king (who quite predictably is a lion) has been infected with Rot and is descending into madness. It is up to the players to either cure or kill the king to claim the crown of Armello. Despite the fact that Armello isn’t based on an analog game, it has the look and feel of a tabletop game; even down to physics-based die rolls. The dice careen across the screen with a weight and appropriate tumbling sounds that just feel good and the 3d rendered game board is as gorgeous as they come. You can play Armello now on PC, Mac, Steam, Playstation4, and X-Box One.




Sumer is a fascinating mix of worker-placement and platforming.  In it, players are ancient Sumerian nobles who are trying to impress their goddess Inanna. By collecting grain, herding goats, and offering up gifts, you can earn the deity’s favor and eventually be raised to godhood yourself! You’ll need to race your opponents, jumping around to the different sections of the board, to make sure you get what you need to please your goddess.While Sumer’s online multiplayer is still in development, you can play either solo against AI or with your friends in local multiplayer on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Through the Ages


Through the Ages is a civilization building game stretching from the pre-industrial era all the way to modernity.  Over the course of the game, you’ll elect leaders, form new governments, build wonders, and develop technologies and culture, all the while making sure your population stays fed and happy (you do not want riots on your hands).  Though you’re competing with your neighboring civilizations, you can even form different kinds of diplomatic pacts with them…at least until someone declares war.  The digital version of this complex game does a huge amount of bookkeeping for you and features a robust, enjoyable tutorial section, making the process of developing your civilization a breeze. Available on Steam, iOS, and Google Play, the digital port of Through the Ages is an awesome way to experience a really fantastic tabletop game.

Which digital board games will you be playing this Tabletop Day? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out Game Engine (on Twitch and Alpha Tuesdays at 4 PM Pacific) to learn more about the coolest things in the world of games with Erika and Trisha.

Hailing from New York, Jessica Fisher is a writer, artist, and all around geek. In addition to Geek & Sundry, she writes for and produces the Gameosity Reviews Youtube Channel. Find her talking about all things geeky on Twitter as @miniktty.

Image Credits: Playdek, League of Geeks, Studio Wumpus, CGE Digital

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