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2015 IndieCade Award Winners

It was a fantastic year for variety in games. You could pull together a narrative plot line by line in Her Story or you could search for any sense of structure in the sound and fury of digital chaos in Memory of a Broken Dimension. You could get your hands dirty by stacking animals in Fabulous Beasts, and you could communicate everything with just the right look in Consentacle. Maybe you wanted to draw inspiration in the woods, like in Walden, A Game. Perhaps Find Maria Rivera, the next generation of escape room games where you are searching for a killer instead of a way out, was more your style. Or maybe you just wanted to fall down the Dungeon and Dragons rabbit hole with Alice and a couple of vampires in Red & Pleasant Land.

The games we will be playing in the future will be as diverse as the people playing them. IndieCade proved that this year as it rolled out everything from games pushing the limits of VR technology (The Meadow) to a game using little more than a knife and a rose (Rose MacBeth). While you can turn to the industry to find a push for bigger, better, faster with AAA games on consoles, a festival held in Culver City each year proves that the future of a games lies in all directions.

If you want it, they are probably working on it already. Here’s a list of the winners from this year’s IndieCade awards, but you should check out all the games from the festival to find the one that sings to you. Board games, video games, and everything in-between; there is a game out there just waiting for you to find it.

Story/World Design Award – Donut County

Visual Design Award – Memory of a Broken Dimension

Audio Design Award – Memory of a Broken Dimension

Game Design Award – Line Wobbler

Technology Award – Fabulous Beasts

Impact Award – Consentacle

Interaction Award – Tribal & Error

Grand Jury Award – Her Story

Media Choice – Codex Bash

Developer’s Choice – Rose MacBeth

Audience Choice Award – BADBLOOD

Special Recognition – Red & Pleasant Land

Did you find any games at IndieCade that interested you or think they missed a game? Let us know in the comment section below and maybe you can help someone else find that amazing game.

Feature Image Credit: Dead Pixel Co. / Consentacle

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