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20 Players, 5 DungeonMasters, One Awesome Adventure

20 Players, 5 DungeonMasters, One Awesome Adventure


“This adventure goes to 11.”

Vault of the Dracolich is an adventure for Dungeons & Dragons like no other.

Dracolich, which was originally written for the 2013 D&D Game Day, is designed for four tables of players and run by five Dungeon Masters. Imagine playing D&D not with a table full of your besties, but a room of them.

In the course of one afternoon of gaming, the four groups must fight their way into the lair of an undead dragon. Each group starts at a different entrance to the dracolich’s lair, but to survive such a harrowing foe, they will have to help each other along the way, passing information via telepathic circlets, and even joining up to pass important magical items between them.

An adventure with so many players facing a single dire adversary in unison is a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience.

And it’s what writer Rob Wieland is doing with his International Tabletop Day. He’s been growing a community of gamers at his local nerd bar, the 42 Ale House in St. Francis, Wisconsin.

Rob said, “For the past few months, I’ve hosted Dungeons & Dragons & Drinking events. They’ve allowed long-term adventurers, players new to [Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition], and the curious to mingle, talk about their characters and share advice from years of playing RPGs. Spontaneous games often break out at these events, but people kept asking me when I was going to run something. I looked around the D&D Classics site and found Vault of the Dracolich there.”

In the next month, he will be meeting with his team of DungeonMasters, including Pathfinder professor and RPG Superstar Clinton J. Boomer, and planning how they can take this epic adventure and make it even better through the use of handouts, maps, props, and other tabletop magic.

In short, Rob and his team are planning an unparalleled afternoon of gaming.


Yeah that’s right. Wizard Hoodies are a thing that now exists.

The rise of the computer has also made prepping the game easier. Characters will be generated using Hero Lab’s 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons SRD software, and the dungeon map will likely be loaded into virtual tabletops Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 and projected on a screen for all to see. There’s even been mad and irresponsible talk of buying Wizard Hoodies, which are electronic hoodies that cast spells based on the motions of the nerd wearing them.

We are all adults now, at least legally, and our time is at a premium. That said, it is well worth it to take International Tabletop Day as an excuse to take a role-playing game and do it right, pull out the stops, and make it into an experience to cherish.

In addition to writing, Rob Wieland hosts geek pub trivia at the 42 Alehouse in St. Francis, Wisconsin. Check it out!

Behold the glory of Clinton J. Boomer’s Amazon author’s page!

If you’re interested in watching Rob’s game of Vault of the Dracolich, it will be livecast on the 42 Alehouse’s Twitch channel during Tabetop Day. If you want to articipate because you live in the midwest, you can find info here.

What are you doing for International Tabletop Day that will be so cool you will recall it fondly on the day you die? If the answer to that is nothing, have you considered that it’s not too late to change that answer to a resounding “Hell yes!” Take the day off, make a plan, talk to your friends, and tell us about your plans below!

Feature image courtesy Wizards of the Coast.

Other images courtesy Wizards of the Coast and ThinkGeek.




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