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12 Podcasts For All Kinds of Geeks

12 Podcasts For All Kinds of Geeks

In the last few years podcasts have had a renaissance of sorts. Which means that while there are plenty of fantastic podcasts being released daily, it’s also much harder to muddle through iTunes to find that gem. Among the well-known, hit podcasts there are lessen-known equally fantastic podcasts out there. Here are a few recommendations that you may not have heard of yet or have just been meaning to finally check out.

If you like The Nerdist…Try Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler.


Like The Nerdist podcast, Girl on Guy is a podcast of conversations between Aisha Tyler and her guests. The guests vary from actors to gamers to sports journalists but whether you’re familiar with the guest or not, you’ll learn something new each episode. Each one also features a “Self Inflicted Wound” story from the guest demonstrating how celebrities really are just like us. It’s funny and heartfelt with hundreds of episodes for geeks of all sorts.

If you like WTF with Marc Maron…Try Off Camera with Sam Jones.

I discovered the goldmine of Off Camera with Sam Jones last year and fell in love. Not only are his interviews interesting and conversational, but he asks those questions that you never thought to ask but always wanted to know the answers to. If the audio isn’t enough for you, there’s video as well plus magazines released with new episodes. Plus his guest list is just so on point.

If you like Serial…Try Criminal.


Serial was no doubt the podcast that swept the nation in 2014. It ignited the idea that the U.S. criminal justice system might have some pretty large flaws. But before there was Serial, there was a more traditional podcast called Criminal investigating murder cases, how witnesses are treated and crime writers.

Highlighted Episodes: Ep 1 – Animal Instincts, Ep 13 – The Big Sleep

If you like Welcome to NightVale…Try Sayer.


If you enjoy the creepiness factor of Welcome to Night Vale, you’ll enjoy Sayer which is also a narrative fiction podcast. It’s set on Earth’s man-made second moon, Typhon. The narrator is an AI called Sayer. Sayer will teach you everything you need to know about living on Typhon and your new job with Ærolith Dynamics. Good luck with your new life!

Start from the beginning!

If you like Invisibilia…Try Here Be Monsters.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.01.59 PM

What are you afraid of? What’s unknown to you? Here Be Monsters examines the unknown in the world from birth (placentas) to death. There’s drugs, music, science, religion and everything else you have questions about in this podcast. Are you scared? Then dive in.

Highlighted Episodes: Ep 12 – How To Live and Die Until You’re EightyEp 34 – The Grandmother and the Vine of the Dead,

A few more recommendations:

Starting a Podcast? StartUp
Organizing Nerd? Working
Old-Time Radio Junkie? The Thrilling Adventure Hour

What’s missing from the list? Give us your recommendations in the comments!

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