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10 Zelda Themed Projects to Get You into DIY
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10 Zelda Themed Projects to Get You into DIY

Our hats are off to Craft Lab‘s Greg and Anna. Their kooky creations are pretty dang awesome. That said, when I heard that they were tackling a Legend of Zelda project, I knew some you kids were gonna want to play too. After all, if there’s one game series out there that fuels a good trek into the wilds of DIY, it’s probably the Zelda franchise.

If you’ve long wanted to get into crafting, but haven’t known where to start, then have we got good news for you! Just buy a table saw, band saw, welding torch, belt sander, and a laser cutter and… wait, wait come back! We’re not doing that sort of DIY.

Instead, I’ve gathered ten very cool Zelda-centric projects that you can do on the cheap and with no prior crafting knowledge. Some are harder than others, but all of them come with guides that teach you the basic skills you’ll need to complete them. Heck, you’ll probably like making this stuff so much that we’ll see hawking your wares on Etsy in no time. On to the projects!

1 Dicebag

#1 Triforce Chain Mail Dice Bag. You know all those dang archers trying to shoot you in the dice? That ends today. DIY level: beginner

8-bit fireplace

(Image: JamesBit)

#2 “8-bit” Fireplace. Ah, the warming glow of paper squares mounted in your fireplace. The version we’ve linked here isn’t actually lit, FYI. For that effect, you might have to use more translucent materials. DIY level: beginner


#3 Pearler Bead Coasters. With images straight out of the game that started it all, these simple plastic coasters are sure to drum up legendary levels of nostalgia. DIY level: beginner

Burnt box

#4 Woodburned Treasure Box. There are a lot of Zelda-themed boxes out there, but for my money this is the one to start with. Choose whatever wooden box you like and follow along to create a unique hideaway for your keepsakes. DIY level: beginner


#5 Heart Container Chalkboard. What better way to display your hit points than a magnetic heart container that doubles as a chalk board. You’re gonna need a saw for this one, so be careful of those fingiesDIY level: beginner

pixel link cookies

#6 Pixel Link Cookies. DIY doesn’t always mean firing up the ol’ dremel. Sometimes it means making strips of cookie dough and laying them into a sliceable Link(oln?) log of shortbread. DIY level: intermediate

2 Pillow

#7 Crochet Triforce Pillow. Every good home needs a truly unique throw pillow. Master this project and you’ll be able to make whatever pattern you like, though why you would seek to improve on this badassery, I’m not sure. DIY level: intermediate

3 fairies

#8 Fairy In A Bottle. There’s no telling what life will throw at you tomorrow, so a captive heart-replenishing fairy is an absolute must. It makes a decent night light too! DIY level: intermediate

Fairy necklace

#9 Bead Weaving Fairy Necklace. Speaking of fairies, this necklace has them in spades. I know a lady or two who’d straight-up plotz for this sucker. It’ll take you some time to create, but once you’re done you’ll have one hell of a conversation piece on your hands. DIY level: intermediate

leather gauntlets

#10 Leather BracersDisclaimer: these particular bracers are not Zelda-themed. Then again, if you create yours out of natural leather, they will be. If you’re looking for a good first step into the fun and addicting world of Leathercraft, then these are the bracers for you. DIY level: nightmare

3D Bonus Box

BONUS: Skyward Sword 3D Printed Singing Chest. Yup. You’re going to need access to a 3D printer for this one.  You’re also going to need these files to print out your parts. Then you’ll have to mess around with a bit of electronics and painting. Not for the faint of heartDIY level: hell

Got your own DIY project that you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments!

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