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10 Awesomely Unique Cosplays We Want to See at SDCC 2015!

10 Awesomely Unique Cosplays We Want to See at SDCC 2015!

San Diego Comic Con is approaching fast, and with it, the hoard of awesome attendees and cosplayers who are sure to bring their A-game. Sure, you can expect to see hundreds of Deadpools, Jokers, Harley Quinns, and Storm Troopers, but we always appreciate a cosplay that goes out of the ordinary, and stands out from the crowd. We can’t wait to see how many original and unique costumes we see out on the floor at SDCC, but in the meantime, check out some of our favorites! We’re betting you probably haven’t seen too many of these out there!

megaman cosplay

Image Credit:


Bring back the classic video game nostalgia when you put on the iconic tight blue jumpsuit and those arm blasters. Occasionally you’ll see one of these awesome cosplays at your local Comic-Con, but we’re guessing you’ve never seen one done quite this well! Props to whoever constructed those armored arms and feet!


Image Credit: Heimdall


You’re bound to see plenty of Thors and Lokis, but what about the other big Asgardian, Heimdall? Idris Elba’s awesome character from the films is an awesome cosplay to catch out on the floor, but isn’t nearly attempted as often. We hope to see a few more of these out there next time!

jaeger pilot

Image Credit: Jaeger Pilot

Jaeger Pilot

Take a page out of Guillermo del Toro’s recent flick, Pacific Rim, and dress as a Jaeger Pilot. It’s a pretty badass cosplay that most fans are definitely going to recognize. Just make sure you pay attention to detail, because these suits are definitely going to be difficult to pull off.

king tekken

Image Credit: King


Occasionally we see a cosplay idea that really stands out, but this is one of the cooler video game references. There’s plenty of great Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat cosplays out there, but we love to see a good Tekken cosplay every now and again. King’s iconic jaguar head will make you stand out at the next con, take our word for it.

human torch

Image Credit: Human Torch

The Fantastic Four (with powers)

Sure you may spot a few FF uniforms amongst the crowds at Comic Con, but the coolest of them actually demonstrate the characters’ powers! Check out this awesome Human Torch! We love seeing the extra effort put into going all out for these cosplays. Make some long arms for your Mr. Fantastic, or use cellophane to look like your Ms. Fantastic suit actually creates force fields. And if you can pull off a good, The Thing cosplay…we’ll bow down to you.


Image Credit: Gizmoduck


We saw this awesome idea at WonderCon and had to share it! Who else remembers Gizmoduck from Ducktales? Well, if you can pull it off, you’re sure to attract a bit of attention at the con. Just make sure you figure out how to get about the single wheel for legs. Just split the wheel in half and then you can put your feet together for pictures. Safety first!

apocalypse cosplay

Image Credit: Apocalypse Cosplay


We caught this amazing cosplay, again, at WonderCon, and it got us thinking about just how many Apocalypses will be in attendance at SDCC this year. Odds are? Many fans will likely shy away from this intense cosplay idea, but it looks so cool, and its topical! So we’re hoping someone nails it.

krang cosplay

Image Credit: Krang


This is a great option for those of us who might not be in the most physically fit shape, but still want to pull off a believable look. Go for Krang from TMNT! He’s a wicked alien in a robotic body, and people are definitely going to recognize you.

voltron cosplay

Image Credit: Voltron – Pinterest


Wow, just…wow!  A lot of people go the Transformers or even Power Ranger Zord route when constructing these big mech suits, but we love a nod to the classic Voltron!  This little girl is absolutely rocking it too! Please, please, pleeeease let there be one of these at SDCC!

agent venom

Agent Venom

This one is awesome AND easy. Just get some old knee and elbow pads, a helmet, and maybe a few other pads and vests, paint them black, and highlight them with that classic white spider symbol, and BOOM! You’ve got yourself an amazing Agent Venom costume. Frankly, we’re surprised this one isn’t more common.

In the end, we’re just excited to see all of you who choose to dress up!  Who are you going to dress up as? What unique costume ideas have you seen? What are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments section below!  See you at Comic-Con!


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