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You’ll Wish This Adobe Stock Photo Fashion Line Was Real

You’ll Wish This Adobe Stock Photo Fashion Line Was Real

We’ve all seen some ridiculous stock images, haven’t we? It’s one of the most bizarre, hilarious parts of the internet; finding those stock images that make you laugh, shake you head, and wonder who the hell a photo like that is for.

However, apart from gazing blissfully at such classics as “Laughing Woman Eating Healthy Vegetable Salad” or the timeless “Man at Desk Frustrated With Technology,” there’s not much else to do with those wonderfully, weirdly specific stock photos other than laugh at them and occasionally use them in online copy.

Until now, that is!

Ever the innovators, Adobe has taken some of their most well-loved images of stock photography and created a cutting-edge fashion line called Adobe Stock Apparel. Now you, too, can show your love for classic stock photos by adding them to your personal brand. Adobe has created a lookbook of this revolutionary fashion line, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Adobe Fashion Line

Of course, while this fashion line is revolutionary, it does have one fatal flaw. The Adobe Stock Apparel Line is, sadly, fictitious. Rather than the stock image couture we’re looking for, it’s actually just clever advertising for Adobe’s cloud services, Adobe Stock. So it looks like you’ll have to wait a while before you’re able to walk into your school or office slaying with some truly original shirts that marry the worlds of technology and fashion together so flawlessly.

Adobe Stock Fashion

The world just isn’t ready for you yet, Smiling Seniors Using Laptop Tee. Maybe someday, we will be…

What are some of your favorite, ridiculous stock images? If this was a real fashion line, would you buy a shirt from it? Tell me in the comments!

Image credits: Adobe

h/t: Fashionably Geek

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