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You’ll Love How This Star Wars Fan Film Explores The Lightsaber

You’ll Love How This Star Wars Fan Film Explores The Lightsaber

One of the most interestingly scripted Star Wars fan film to come out this year is Hoshino, a seven-minute short fan film that philosophizes about the relationship a Jedi has with the lightsaber, what it means to be a Jedi, and how the saber itself is the perfect analogy to what the Jedi are in the universe.

The film highlights saber fighting that feels weighty and reminiscent of the original trilogy. Allusions to Bob Anderson’s swordfight choreography (seen throughout the Luke/Vader fights in Empire and Jedi, as well as the swordfights of The Princess Bride and The Lord of the Rings) are very present. That weightiness of the lightsaber is discussed between the Jedi master and his Padawan, and gives insight into the notion of responsibility for the Jedi.

Another notable element of this film is the specific use of an Asian female protagonist, Ko Hoshino, whose journey as a Jedi is beautifully encapsulated. It’s easy to empathize with her: if you spent your childhood working with the Force and seeing your masters wield literally the coolest weapon in all of creation, the first thing you’d want as a Padawan would be to have your own lightsaber.

Ko’s eagerness to wield the weapon she does not fully understand has consequences. While the film is short, it’s packed with brilliant moments, quotable lines, and even a sprinkling of high-quality CGI and special effects. Check it out:

While this is a fan film, it isn’t an amateur film. The brilliant script was written by Eric Carrasco, a screenwriter for CW’s Supergirl, with production credits including many industry-seasoned individuals. This is one you’ll want to share with friends and fans of the universe for sure.

What do you think of the film? Let us know in the comments below! 

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Vitale (YouTube)

Teri Litorco is a professional squee’ing fangirl of all things geek, and did cost her family some of their hearing when she watched Hoshino for the first time. She’s also the author of The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming, which is more of a survival guide to tabletop gaming than it is an ettiquite or how-to book. Send her your thoughts via social media. 

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