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Why You Should Play: Legends of Andor

Swords, magic, dragons, and adventure can all be yours; but generally it takes a couple of hours to really get into the heart of an adventure. We know. You’re a hero on the go with no time for character sheets or the first five minutes of a YouTube video. Gather your party and tie up your laces. Let me introduce you to Legends of Andor with all the sword swinging co-op gameplay you want, but on a timer like Pandemic.

Follow the cards for setup depending on the adventure you want to take. The game comes with four adventures as well an introductory campaign just to hone your blade. Once you set up the board, you’ll pick your hero. Make sure that you read the card carefully, since all heroes play a little differently. The archer gets to roll only one die at a time and will only get the points of his or her last roll. The wizard only gets to roll one die but can flip the die to get the points on the opposite side.

Once you begin your quest, you have seven hours or actions in a day. Go past these seven and you take a hit in willpower. Combat is simply a matter of rolling higher than the monsters. You can find all the info at the bottom of the board. Add the strength to the dice roll. If your roll is bigger, you win and proceed to do damage to the monster. If not, then this is going to be a really short game.

Don’t think that you can go Rambo on every monster you see. Killing a monster moves the track up one space. This makes your game shorter and can add even more nasties to the board depending on the cards on the track.

At the end of everyone’s turn, monsters will get a chance to move. The timeline moves up one spot as well. Get overrun by monsters or run out of time and you lose the game.

And while there is a bit of randomization with some of the scenarios, you typically figure out what you need to be doing, who you need to knock off, and how to survive after a couple of times through it. You can try with different heroes, shorten the time of the track, or you can check out some of the adventures people have put together online for the game. There are even a couple of new expansion you can buy to bring in more players or extend the adventure.

Don’t expect a lot of wiggle room with Legends of Andor. You do what needs to be done and you get out. That said, if you are looking for a tight experience of swords and sorcery with beautiful set pieces, dice rolling, and something that a little more puzzle than battle – then this is the game for you.

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