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You Haven’t Seen Fantasy Until You’ve Seen This

You Haven’t Seen Fantasy Until You’ve Seen This

I’m sure I’m not the only one with an ever-expanding universe inside their head. Mine has been there for the last ten or so years, constantly evolving and incorporating new bits my brain makes up as I go through life. One day, it’s my goal to do something substantial with it. To somehow get it out into the world in a way that faithfully translates this intimate and infinite story every experience I’ve ever had has been filtered through.

All of the above is why Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher has become my current favorite imagination-made-real project. Look at this:

Eistibus by Peter Mohrbacher

Not only is this breathtaking, it’s also something I swear I’ve seen in my head a million times. Mohrbacher has taken his passion of both art and Big Questions and used his remarkable artistic skills to bring them into reality.

If this style (or even the pieces) look familiar, it’s because Peter has worked with some of the biggest names in Fantasy, like Wizards of the Coast.

Matariel by Peter Mohrbacher

I won’t ruin the Google journey for you, but you should definitely lose yourself down a rabbit hole of Peter Mohrbacher’s work. It was one of the more rewarding distractions I’d allowed myself to indulge in a long time.

Sathariel by Peter Mohrbacher

Artwork: Peter Mohrbacher/

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