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Winter Is Coming: Get Ready for the Next Season With Game of Thrones Risk

Winter Is Coming: Get Ready for the Next Season With Game of Thrones Risk

In case you missed it, last week, HBO took to Facebook Live to have a little fun announcing when Game of Thrones season seven will finally air by having fans type words that melted a large chunk of ice with the hidden date inside.

After about 10 minutes, the feed cut out because of technical difficulties but came back to finally reveal that the show will air on July 16, 2017, meaning that we’re all a few months away from seeing what our favorite characters are up to, who will finally take the Iron Throne, and who will be murdered in the weirdest of ways. If that doesn’t get you excited already, this new trailer should do the trick.

So what are we supposed to do until then, though? Well, if you haven’t already, we suggest gathering a bunch of friends and battling it out for the Iron Throne yourself in Game of Thrones Risk, which is also on sale right now on Amazon.

The game features all of the normal things associated with Risk. You have armies, a map, and some cards, which you will use strategically to obtain global domination by thwarting your enemies and making alliances. However, instead of using real countries, you can act as one of the houses of Westeros. Want to be a Stark? You can! A Tyrell? Sure. A Lannister? Yup–wait, are you sure? Either way, the pieces look pretty awesome.


Then, there’s the map, which features both Westeros and Essos, meaning that you could attempt to act out the story so far or even predict what battles will come up next season. Here’s Westeros:


The only trouble is that Westeros and Essos are on two separate maps. So you couldn’t, for example, position the Targaryen army on the coast of Essos and invade Westeros or vice versa unless you seriously mix up the rules. What you can do, though, is reenact the Battle of Winterfell or sack King’s Landing, taking whatever side you want. You could even rule above The Wall and make some wildling–or, Free Folk if you want to be polite about it–friends. Here’s a look at Essos:


On Essos, you could pretend you’re Daenerys and fight to gather an army massive enough to take back the Iron Throne like your crazed brother always wanted. Or maybe experiment with what would have happened if the kingdoms of Westeros sailed the Narrow Sea and took the fight to Daenerys’ doorstep.

The real takeaway here is that Risk is the perfect medium to get your blood pumping for Game of Thrones because if you really think about it, Risk embodies the core concept of the book and television series. You make alliances–some false, some honest–fight for land, amass huge armies, and strive for your place in the history books. If you add a bit of imagination to the whole ordeal, you could set up a nice campaign by roleplaying your way through the plotlines to see if your decisions end up lining up with the actual story.

You should be able to pick up the game at any quality game retailer

What house would you represent and what how would you plan to earn the Iron Throne? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credits: Hasbro

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