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Who The Heck Is Squirrel Girl? 5 Facts You Oughta Know

Who The Heck Is Squirrel Girl? 5 Facts You Oughta Know

She isn’t scheduled for an appearance in any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Her name isn’t anywhere on the Phase Three slate. And yet, there’s been almost as much buzz about her casting as there’s been for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Stranger Things‘ Shannon Purser wants to play her, and so does Anna Kendrick. Edgar Wright has even gone so far as to endorse the latter’s casting.

So why all the fuss for a heroine with all the proportional strength and abilities of a common rodent?

Squirrel Girl

Lest anybody misunderstand, Squirrel Girl has always been intended as a goofy character who looks even more absurd beside serious heroes like Captain America or Thor. Much like Rocket Raccoon, Howard the Duck, and even Deadpool to an extent, her appeal lies in how ridiculous it is to see her in any Marvel superhero melodrama.

Does she have some storied origin? Nope! All we know is that her real name’s Doreen Green, and she’s a teenager from LA. She made an unsolicited and unsuccessful audition to be Iron Man’s sidekick in her first appearance. What happened before that doesn’t matter. She has a squirrel’s claws, teeth, and tail, as well as a set of retractable spikes on her knuckles. Plus she can speak with and command actual squirrels. She’s like Aquaman! But with rodents. Yeah. That’s kinda all you need to know.

Squirrel Girl promo 2

Here are a few tidbits about Squirrel Girl’s connections to bigger names in the Marvel Universe:

1) She’s a member of the Avengers. Well, the team’s Midwest branch, at least. The Great Lakes Avengers’ roster includes intentionally-lame gag characters like Flatman and Dinah Soar. So it only fits that Squirrel Girl would roll with them.

2) Steve Ditko co-created her. Yep, the cartoonist behind Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. She’s one of his rarer, latter-day creations, debuting in a Marvel Super-Heroes special he did with writer Will Murray.

3) She defeated Dr. Doom in her first appearance, helping Iron Man fell the villain by commanding a scurry of squirrels to attack him. It wasn’t the proudest moment for the Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis.

4) Squirrel Girl actually has a baffling history of taking on, and often beating, some of Marvel’s big guns. Deadpool, Wolverine, and the space tyrant Thanos are just a few of her notable opponents.

5) Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, the stars of Marvel’s Defenders shows on Netflix, are married in the comics. Who could they ever trust to be their little daughter Danielle’s nanny? Yep. Doreen Green.

Any Squirrel Girl fans in our audience? Or has this article turned you into one? Do you hope Ms. Green shows up in the Marvel Cinematic universe soon? Who should play her? 

Image Credits: Marvel 

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